STD Cupcakes Sock Visitors To Unique London Exhibit [Photos]

STD Cupcakes are a reality at the Eat Your Heart Out exhibition in London this week. The cupcakes were made to be graphically anatomically correct and feature cupcakes that look like they were infected with HIV, gonorrhea, genital warts, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The second annual Eat Your Heart Out exhibition is not for the weak of heart to begin with, featuring hundreds of disgustingly designed foods and curated by public relations manager Miss Cakehead, also known as Emma Thomas. Everything you see at the exhibit is available for purchase.

The STD cupcakes were created as part of an exhibit that is there to help raise awareness about the dangers of having sex without protection.

The cupcakes were designed by Jenny Powell of Two Little Cats Bakery. They come in lemon, vanilla, and chocolate.

Powell wrote in an E-mail to the Huffington Post:

“I already knew a fair bit about STDs and their symptoms. A lot of diseases don’t have visible symptoms, so I wanted to pick ones that would really make a statement on a cupcake! I wanted to make the symptoms as true to life as I possibly could, so used medical journals and the good old internet….seriously my Google image history is quite stomach churning.”

Powell said she had to go onto the Net to do a dramatic amount of research on the diseases to make the cupcakes, research she deemed both fascinating and disgusting.

The cupcakes have managed to intrigue and disgust most of the people who have seen them.

Powell said she has received multiple e-mails from people who have said “they didn’t realize that the swellings, scabs etc. look like that, and they’re off to buy some condoms. Even if one person takes away the educational message then we’ve done a good job!”

The cakes are available for $19 dollars a box. The one point Powell made about buying the box is you have no choice over which cakes you get.

“It’s like having unprotected sex with a stranger. You never know what you’ll get,” Powell said.

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