Stephen Amell: ‘Arrow’ Star Discusses What Oliver Queen’s Biggest Regret Has Been Through ‘Arrow’s’ Five Seasons

Stephen Amell, star of The CW’s hit TV show Arrow, was recently at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta. While there with other cast members of Arrow, Stephen Amell was asked one of the hardest questions he has ever been asked by a fan. Amell was asked what he thinks his character, Oliver Queen, would claim as his biggest regret so far through five seasons of Arrow?

This question is not one that Amell would find easy to answer. As fans of Arrow can attest, Oliver Queen has had many things happen to him that could be considered regrets in retrospect.

What Could Be Considered Oliver Queen’s Biggest Regrets On Arrow?

-Not being able to save the life of his best friend Tommy Merlin?

-Cheating on his girlfriend Laurel with her sister Sara?

-Getting on the Queen’s Gambit?

-Not being able to save Shado?

-Not being able to save Shado’s father?

-Turning Slade Wilson into Deathstroke?

-Killing so many people when he came back to Starling City and first put on the hood?

-Not being honest with Felicity which led to the end of their relationship?

-Not being able to protect Laurel from being killed by Damian Darhk?

-Becoming the hood in the first place?

-Kidnapping Diggle’s wife and child?

All of these options could arguably be considered to be Oliver Queen’s biggest regret during Arrow’s run, but the answer that was given by Stephen Amell is not on the above list.

According to Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen’s biggest regret is not being able to save the life of his mother, who he watched get killed right in front of him due to her being stabbed through the heart by Deathstroke.

“I think his biggest regret is probably not being able to save his mom. For sure, that’s tough. We actually viewed that episode in Walla Walla. We did a random viewing party, and we set it up — ‘It’ll be really fun! There’s like 200 people there!’ And the episode ends, and everyone stared at me like I had just tricked them into something.”

To most Arrow fans, watching Moira Queen being killed in front of her son’s eyes seems like the most obvious choice. Some fans in attendance to the Arrow panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest believe Oliver’s biggest regret should be the failed relationship with Felicity. One fan, in particular, was so passionate about the fact that Queen’s biggest regret should be his failed relationship with Felicity that the fan shouted Felicity’s name loud enough to ensure that Stephen Amell could hear it. Amell quickly shot that fan’s hopes to the ground.

“It probably is not Felicity, because he’s had literal family members murdered in front of him. Sorry.”

The entire Arrow panel from Heroes & Villains Fan Fest can be viewed below.

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During this crossover event, an immense threat to the planet will force all of the superheroes from The CW’s DC Universe to come together in a massive team up in order to ensure that Earth will not be eradicated from existence. Based on what has been released in photographs and trailers of the crossover event, Stephen Amell’s character of Oliver Queen will experience things that he never thought he would ever experience again.

Do you agree with what Stephen Amell says is Oliver Queen’s biggest regret? Are you excited for the massive crossover?

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