PTG K-Pop Comeback: PENTAGON Drops Teasers For Return Before The Year Ends With ‘Five Senses’ [Images]

2016 may go down in Hallyu history as the “Second Kpopcalypse” because of numerous members leaving veteran K-pop groups along with certain K-pop groups disbanding, but it will at least have a silver lining to it. This year also marks one of the best years for K-pop debuts. So far, we have Astro, NCT (NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream), Cosmic Girls, and Black Pink. We even experienced the formation of groups we never thought would ever form such as EXO-CBX, MOBB (Mino of Winner and Bobby of iKon), and Triple T (Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, Min of Miss A, and Jo Kwon of 2AM).

The one debuting K-pop group with a huge weight on their shoulders is Pentagon because they were believed to take Beast’s place if they did not re-sign with Cube Entertainment. We now know Beast has decided to form their own independent label which means Pentagon has filled the void left by them. It looks like they along with Cube Entertainment are not wasting any time establishing themselves because they are about to make their K-pop comeback this coming December with Five Senses.

News of Pentagon working on their upcoming K-pop comeback before the year concludes was made known through teasers on their official Twitter account. On November 23, Pentagon uploaded a post announcing their second extended play (EP) or mini-album titled Five Senses. They also provided the release date and time of December 7 at midnight KST with the post.

Eventually, Pentagon would release more teasers for Five Senses which included a schedule of their pre-release promotions leading up to its release. Take note that their dates are Korean Standard Time so anyone living in the western hemisphere will technically get listed pre-release promotion the date before. The first concept image releases on November 28 followed by the second and third concept images the next day. The track list releases on November 30. The audio snippet of the title track song “Five Senses” releases on December 2. The music video teaser of “Five Senses” releases on December 5. The next day will be a mini-concert known as “Tentastic Vol. 1.” Finally, the song and music video for “Five Senses” releases along with the album on December 7.

For the K-pop community, it is great to see that Pentagon is doing all they can to make sure Cube Entertainment remains a viable competitor among other entertainment companies and agencies. Cube Entertainment’s other remaining acts are either busy with tours (BtoB), still struggling to get a foothold in K-pop (CLC), or on hiatus (M4M). Ergo, Pentagon has to be successful to help keep Cube Entertainment afloat and the 10-member boy band consisting of Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok, are on to a good start.

Pentagon released their self-titled debut EP or mini-album on October 10. It peaked at No. 7 on the Korean chart and sold over 7,950 units since then. The featured title track song “Gorilla” only reached No. 236 on the Korean chart, but that is not bad for a K-pop boy band signed to a smaller entertainment company and agency. Such numbers are fine as long as their fan base and popularity continue to grow which was proven by the fact they sold out their first concert, as reported by 10 Asia, through a translation by Officially KMusic.

We as K-pop fans can only wish that Pentagon continues to find success in the industry especially under the umbrella of Cube Entertainment, a company with a negative track record of how they treat their talent ever since iHQ became the primary figurehead in decision-making.

As mentioned earlier, Pentagon’s second EP or mini-album Five Senses will release on December 7. For those who want to own their self-titled debut EP or mini-album, it is available for purchase at YesAsia.

[Featured Image by Cube Entertainment]

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