EXO Becomes First K-Pop Group To Win All 3 ‘Daesangs’ At ‘MelOn Music Awards’ When They Won ‘Artist Of The Year’ — Friendly Rivals BTS Show Love For ‘Sunbae’ Idols During Their Acceptance Speech [Video]


If one were to ask K-pop fans what they will think about 2016 pertaining to K-pop when the year is over, most of them will claim it was one of the wildest roller-coaster rides they’ve ever experienced. This year has been one of the most hectic years in K-pop history, as it was both an excellent year and a “Second Kpopcalypse” at the exact same time. We’ve seen the debuts of many new K-pop acts such as Astro, NCT, I.O.I., Pentagon, and Black Pink. We’ve lso seen the debuts of new sub or collaboration groups and duos like MOBB and Triple T. On the other hand, we also suffered as members from veteran K-pop groups left, such as Minzy of 2NE1 and Jia of Miss A, or veteran K-pop groups disband, like Kara and 4minute.

Though the aforementioned are just some of the details that make 2016 overall an amazing year, there are actually two groups who are standing on top: EXO and BTS. EXO had three K-pop comebacks which include their third studio album EX’ACT, formed a new sub-group called EXO-CBX, and individual members had successful solo career endeavors. On the other hand, BTS had two K-pop comebacks including their second studio album Wings. They also broke numerous K-pop records, especially on YouTube.

So far in 2016, the most popular K-pop comeback EXO had was for “Monster.” It is the only song they released this year to reach number one on the Korean music chart. [Image by SM Entertainment]

Given their popularity, it is well-known that EXO and BTS are rivals, but they are also friends. At the 2016 MelOn Music Awards, both K-pop boy bands got to show their rivalry and friendship as they went head-to-head to win awards. In the end, EXO came out on top winning multiple awards including the “Artist of the Year” award in which BTS showed them respect for. Also by winning the said award, EXO is the first K-pop group to win all three Daesang Awards on MelOn Music Awards.

The 2016 MelOn Music Awards were held on Saturday, November 19 KST, at the Gocheck Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. Going into its eighth year, it is recognized as one of the big four music awards ceremonies in South Korea as well as one of the biggest K-pop awards ceremonies in the world. According to AllKpop, EXO would make history that night as they took home six awards total including the most-coveted award of the night, the “Artist of the Year” award. When EXO went up on stage to collect the award, BTS stood up to applaud them. They even remained standing as EXO delivered their acceptance speech as a show of respect to their “sunbaes.”

BTS stands and applauds for their friendly rivals in K-pop, their “sunbaes” EXO for winning “Artist of the Year.” BTS remained standing while EXO delivered their acceptance speech. [Image by LOEN Entertainment/AllKpop]

It should be noted that by winning the “Artist of the Year” award at the 2016 MelOn Music Awards, EXO became the first K-pop group to win all three “Daesang” awards at the award ceremony. Back in 2013, EXO won their first “Daesang” the “Song of the Year” award with “Growl.” Two years later, they won the “Daesang” for “Album of the Year” award with EXODUS. The “Artist of the Year” award completes the trinity.

Right now, EXO is promoting their non-single title “Dancing King” which they performed alongside the “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk. Their new sub-group, EXO-CBX just released their debut mini-album titled Hey Mama! which K-pop fans, especially EXO-L (official fan club of EXO), can pick up on YesAsia. As for BTS, they recently released their second studio album Wings which can also be picked up on YesAsia.

[Featured Images by SM Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment]

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