President Obama Has Talked With Donald Trump 30-Plus Hours Since Their First Sit-Down Meeting

President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have spoken 30-plus hours since their first official sit-down meeting after the election. Trump’s trusted aide, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday to disclose that the president-elect and President Obama talk “regularly.”

The Hill reports that Donald Trump is learning as much as he can about what it takes to be the President of the United States and he’s in constant contact with President Obama to get an iron grip on the general details.

After the first meeting between President Obama and Donald Trump, one of the first things Trump said was that they talked for 90 minutes, but it could have gone on much longer as far as he was concerned. It was evident that Trump was absorbing the reality of what he’s about to take on. It wasn’t immediately clear what the president and Mr. Trump discussed, but Obamacare was likely one of the issues they went over, a program that Trump has vowed to scrap. He’s changing his tune somewhat on that front, willing to keep portions of Obamacare, such as individuals staying on their parents’ plan until they’re 26-years-old and allowing insurance to members regardless of preexisting conditions.

As Conway revealed on Sunday, President Obama and Donald Trump have been on the phone frequently.

“You know, beyond the sit-down they had 30 hours or so after President-elect Trump won the election, they’ve been talking regularly on any number of issues,” Conway said. “They talked just yesterday.”

Conway revealed that Trump spoke with Obama for about 45 minutes on Saturday, but it’s unknown what their conversation was about. She added that Trump enjoys talking with Obama in spite of their differences.

“I can tell you from President-elect Trump’s side that he very much enjoys speaking with President Obama, talking about the serious issues that face this country and the world,” Conway continued. “They get along nicely. They disagree on many things. That’s not going to change.”

To hear that Donald Trump is listening to President Obama is encouraging for the country given the animosity that was exhibited between them during the presidential campaign. Trump tore into Obama’s policies, chastised him for his inability to utter the words “radical Islam,” and said the government is run by a bunch of “babies” and “losers.” The list goes on.

For his part, President Obama chided that someone incapable of handling his own Twitter account has no business holding the nation’s highest office. He took swipes at Trump during press conferences and was adamant that a man with such inclinations to be petulant over immaterial issues would spell trouble if he were elected president. On the Clinton campaign trail, Obama said before Trump ran for president, all he had time for was celebrities and those of wealth. He described a self-serving individual who in no way is suddenly looking out for the average American, inserting that Trump wouldn’t have given any working-class person the time of day unless that individual was mowing the fairway on one his golf courses.

When the two met after the election, Donald Trump said he “really liked” President Obama “a lot.” The president said he was “encouraged” by what he heard from Trump in the meeting. There was an optic of coming together for the sake of the people and what’s best for the nation.

President Obama and Donald Trump exchanged some pretty harsh barbs, but are managing to work together to put America first.

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