WWE News: Hall Of Famer Talks About How Long The Undertaker Is Going To Keep Wrestling Before He Retires

Everyone has been wondering for months whether The Undertaker was going to end up retiring or not after WrestleMania 32. Then, he appeared on the 900th episode of SmackDown LIVE and said he was back and that WrestleMania would no longer define him. Still, how much longer can he actually keep going in the ring? One WWE Hall of Famer decided to speak about the future of The Deadman and when he may actually call it a career.

Booker T is currently a panelist for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE, but he also has a podcast called Heated Conversations where he discusses numerous topics. On a recent episode (number 86), Booker T talked about a number of topics including The Undertaker.

wwe news booker t hall of famer the undertaker retire
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Booker T ended up answering a number of fan questions about Survivor Series and other things, but then the conversation turned to The Undertaker. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., the subject of The Undertaker's retirement and when it may come is on the horizon and Booker knows it.

"He's battle-tested, bruised, he's battered, and he [has] been out of the game for quite some time. And he [has] been in the WWE for over 20 years solid. This guy [has] been in all of the big matches as far as the Hell In A Cell, every match you could possibly, exactly, you could think of, Undertaker has been there. And the thing is, he [has] held up. He has gone in there and he [has] pulled it off each and every year he's asked to go out and perform and I commend Undertaker for that. But I tell you, there's going to be a day Undertaker has to lay down and say, 'I'm done with it'. There's going to be that time when he goes into that casket and closes the lid on the career."
On the 900th episode of SmackDown LIVE, The Undertaker said that WrestleMania would no longer define him. All longtime wrestling fans know that for quite some time now, The Undertaker may make appearances but usually only wrestles at the biggest event of the year.

With his recent words on SmackDown, it is believed that he's going to show up more often, but first, he has to fully heal from hip surgery. Maybe his in-ring return will take place before the big event in April or maybe he is just biding his time. No-one really knows.

wwe news booker t hall of famer the undertaker retire
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Booker T said that The Undertaker does keep pushing himself as far as his body and mind. Doing that after wrestling for close to three decades is something that would be hard for anyone to do, especially considering the condition of The Deadman's body and his health.

Interestingly enough, Booker T said that The Undertaker could have had a lot more work done on his knee but he chose not to do that. If he would have had additional surgeries and rehab, it might have taken him out of contention to appear and work WrestleMania 33.

"Who's to say how long he can go? The mind can push the body so much further than you actually can imagine it can go. And I think that's what The Undertaker is dealing with right now. I just saw him on Tuesday at SmackDown and The Undertaker is alive and well. He's up and walking. And I think as long as The Undertaker is alive and well and up and walking, we're going to continue to see him at WrestleMania do his thing...and the thing is he [has] had his injuries. Everybody knows it. He [has] gone through surgeries after surgeries after surgeries. Exactly and I just saw him and the thing is, I was talking to him about WrestleMania and he goes, 'hey man, I could have got it worked on a little bit more, but I got to be there for the big show.'"
There has already been a lot of speculation going on as to when Taker could get back in the ring and who he could face. Forbes even played up to the possibility of him facing AJ Styles for the WWE World Title, but nothing is set in stone at all as of this time.

One thing that is certain is that The Undertaker is not gone. He is not retiring. He will soon be back in the ring and until he says he's done, he won't be done.

Booker T has pretty much nailed it by saying that The Undertaker is going to retire from WWE and all of wrestling whenever he thinks it is time. As long as he's able to go in the ring and wants to keep wrestling, he's going to do it and WWE is going to allow him to do it. The guy is a huge draw no matter if he appears once or 30 times a year. It all just depends on whether or not his body can hold out and once he's done, the Hall of Fame will be waiting.

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