Corona Beer Founder Did Not Leave Millions To Villagers, False Reports Shared By Multiple News Outlets [Debunked]

News that Corona Beer’s founder, Antonio Fernandez, left millions of dollars to his home village in his will quickly made their way around the news media outlets, claiming 80 residents of Cerezales were instant millionaires. However, in a statement made by a spokeswoman for the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, the news is false. Although it is not known who originated the fake reports, it is believed to have been spread by reporters that jumped on Fernandez’s past acts of generosity without researching further into the facts.

Some of Fernandez’s relatives, some of which did receive money in his will, have homes in the village of Cerezales. However, they do not live in the homes, instead using them as vacation homes. It is believed that the false reports may have originated from there.

Although Fernandez did not leave over $210 million to be split evenly among 80 residents of his home village, he did give back during his life by improving the roads and other infrastructure in his home village.

When Fernandez returned home, he would not treat the villagers any different than when he lived there. He would willingly hug the residents and talk about old times with old friends.

Maximo Sanchez, the owner of the villages only bar, according to Metro, spoke highly of Fernandez.

“He was a really humble, nice and good-hearted man. This was a powerful businessman but when he came here, he would hug all the kids and talk to everyone in the village about the way things used to be. There aren’t a lot of people like that.”

None of his former neighbors had anything negative to say about the founder of Corona beer.

In an effort to squash the false reports, Lucia Alajos, the spokeswoman for the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, released a statement that clarified the villagers did not receive millions in Fernandez’s will, according to the New York Post.

“I can confirm he didn’t leave money to his villagers in his will … His family recently opened his will and we actually don’t know who got the money from the inheritance. But it’s definitely not the town or his neighbors.”

Major news outlets were forced to append their earlier reports and reveal that they were victims of the false news. Some news outlets, such as the Sun and the BBC have yet to correct their stories, thus allowing the false reports to remain.

Although Antonio Fernandez did not leave millions to his home village, his generosity will forever be known to those that live there. Not only did he resurface the roads of the village, but he also assisted in the renovation of the village’s church. However, his most important act of generosity has been his contribution to providing the opportunity for the village to have clean running water in the homes. His legacy within the town will live on through the ages.

In a sense, Fernandez left his village much more than money, as the false reports claim. Instead, he left them a better way of life, a means of growing their community from its humble beginnings, and to make their own lives better in the future.

In addition to the lasting impact he has imprinted on his home village, Antonio Fernandez has provided hope to those that live in the village. His success proves that your upbringing does not determine your level of success. In addition, it proves that becoming a wealthy and successful individual does not mean that humanity will be forgotten.

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