'American Horror Story' Co-Stars, Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Are Engaged Again -- Couple To Appear In Season 7 of 'AHS'?

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are engaged again, Us Weekly reported. The American Horror Story co-stars are planning on tying the knot "sometime in 2017," according to a recent report. The happy couple strolled through Province, Massachusetts, hand in hand with an occasional kiss thrown in, over Thanksgiving weekend.

"Emma and Evan are engaged again, " a source revealed. "She's been wearing her ring on the set. Everyone knows they are engaged on the set."

The couple initially was engaged in 2013 after dating about 18 months but called it quits in June 2015. Roberts and Peters quickly got back together two months later, only to separate again in May of 2016. A source close to Emma revealed that the on-again, off-again couple decided to try their relationship one more time in September. Apparently, it's going well because just two months later Evan and Emma are engaged and pushing for a 2017 wedding.
TMZ posted a series of pictures of the happy couple on Friday, November 25. Roberts and Peters looked lips while holding warm drinks in their hands. Emma and Evan were both wearing scarves, warm coats, and thick boots to try to stay warm in the frigid New England temperatures. They stopped on the side of the street to pose for a photo with a fan, who posted the images to an American Horror Story Twitter fan page.
Emma, 25, and Evan, 29, have had their share of romantic ups and downs, and have broken up, only to get back together in the past few years, Daily Mail reported. In 2013, Roberts and Peters had an explosive argument, one that led to Emma Roberts' arrest. Evan Peters refused to press charges against her and claimed they were both at fault for the physical altercation.

Since the physical altercation, American Horror Story viewers have not supported Evans' relationship with Roberts. They were happy when they split, and hoped that the breakup was permanent. It looks like they are destined to be together, because they are now engaged, and planning on a getting married in the next few months.

Evan Peters stars in the FX hit television show, American Horror Story. Emma Roberts previously starred in the series during Seasons 3 and 4. It has been rumored for quite some time that Roberts would return to AHS for Season 7, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts' niece is making a splash as Chanel Oberlin in Ryan Murphy's hit televisions series, Scream Queens.

Several days ago, Roberts tagged Peters in a photo on Instagram of herself holding a wine bottle which read, "Gooble Gobble Idiot Hooker." Evan also tagged Roberts in a picture on social media, with the caption, "This girl."

A source close to Peters stated that the couple is "extremely happy" and cannot wait to get married and begin their life together. The American Horror Story fans cannot help but worry that the couple is headed for another painful breakup.

Evan Peters' fans can't help but feel somewhat anxious about their engagement news, especially after Roberts' alleged history of violence toward the 29-year-old actor. The duo has been through quite a bit of drama over the past few years, so the American Horror Story fans aren't sure if they will make it to the altar.

It's apparent that Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are putting the past behind them, and are dreaming of a brighter future, together. Do you think Emma Roberts and Evan Peters will get married? Are you happy about the couple's engagement news? Will Emma Roberts appear on American Horror Story Season 7 with Evan Peters?

American Horror Story will return in the Spring on FX.

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