‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Pursuit Of Tom Baker Continues-How Far Will He Go To Protect Elizabeth?

Now that Tom Baker is back on General Hospital, Franco has become even more protective over Elizabeth. As if she doesn’t have enough to worry about, now Liz will be trying to make sure that her new man doesn’t end up in jail again. How far will Franco go to protect Elizabeth?

At this point, it seems that Franco is the one who is stalking Tom in an effort to make sure that he stays far away from Liz. Her rapist just got out of jail and she is very nervous with having him back in Port Charles. Franco has already threatened him and according to General Hospital spoilers by Soaps She Knows, he will continue to pursue Tom Baker, despite the fact that he had promised Elizabeth that he would stop it.

Everyone knows that Franco Baldwin can be dangerous when he wants to be. He has fought off his demons and has been fervently trying to put his past behind him and move forward with a new love. However, it hasn’t been easy for him. Liz is worried that he will end up getting into trouble because of her and she is also going into protective mode to keep him safe as well.

It is not going to be easy because Franco is on the warpath. In fact, this upcoming week on General Hospital will have him paying a visit with his jailbird mother, Heather Webber. What is that all about? His visits usually involve wanting something from her or wanting her to do something for him. Why would he feel the need to go see her now? Some have speculated that Franco will be in cahoots with Heather to somehow kill Tom Baker. That action would certainly land him in jail right alongside his mother. Would he go that far, even if Tom doesn’t bother Elizabeth?

There is expected to be an altercation supposedly between the two men at the hospital. Liz has already had a run-in with Tom at Kelly’s, and now it looks like she will be facing him once again. She is bound to run into him now that he is back in town, and even though she may be forced to accept that, Franco sure isn’t. There is no indication yet as to whether Tom tries to get close to Liz or if Franco goes after him just at the sight of him at General Hospital where she works, but there will be a fight happening.

Griffin Munro is there to break it up between them and this will have him sitting down with Elizabeth to discuss her relationship with Franco. These two have become good friends, so he feels comfortable enough to have a serious talk about what is going on. In fact, some General Hospital fans feel that Liz would be better off with Griffin rather than Franco. They do have some chemistry going on, so there could be a love triangle later on with these three. Of course, Griffin would first have to officially leave the priesthood, but they could make a handsome couple as well. However, that would make Friz fans very unhappy.

According to Soap Central, Liz will be taking some sort of action. It doesn’t say exactly what she will do, but she may devise her own plan to make sure Franco stays out of trouble. Franco and Elizabeth have worked well together so far, but his obsession with keeping Tom away from her may just go too far. It does seem like Tom is up to no good. He did try to pick up Alexis in the bar last week, but then she mentioned Franco’s name and he booked right out of there.

Do you think Franco will be finding a way to eliminate Tom Baker for good? Is he is getting too obsessive with Elizabeth? Find out what Franco’s plan will be this week on General Hospital.

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