McKay Hutton: Facebook Pictures Show Alaska Murder-Suicide Suspect Was Devoted Husband And Father With Love Of Guns

McKay Hutton appeared to be a devoted husband with a love of guns, but police in Fairbanks, Alaska, said his life ended in a burst of violent tragedy when he killed three family members inside a hotel room before taking his own life.

Hutton was identified as the suspect in a grisly murder-suicide that took place in a Hampton Inn in the Alaskan city on Friday. The Fairbanks Police Department said they were called to the hotel room and found a man crying in a second-floor hallway. The man pointed police to the room, where they found the bodies of 54-year-old Linda Hutton, 22-year-old Emily McDonald, 22-year-old McKay Hutton, and 8-week-old Teagan Hutton.

On Saturday afternoon, Fairbanks police announced that McKay Hutton was the shooter and that the three victims were family members.

As the Associated Press noted, police were still trying to piece together information about the Alaska murder-suicide and exactly what may have set off McKay Hutton to commit such a heinous act. Police said that all of the victims had gunshot wounds and that a yet-to-be-identified weapon was found in the room.

“A single firearm was recovered in the room. Make, model and location are still being withheld,” FPD spokesperson Yumi McCulloch said.

The person found crying in the hallway was described as a family member, but was not a suspect, police said. Though police have not officially released information about the relationship between the victims, reports indicate that Emily McDonald was McKay Hutton’s wife and Teagan was believed to be their daughter.

Police are also trying to unravel the mystery of why McKay Hutton would have killed his wife and family members, and what brought the Fairbanks natives to the hotel room. Authorities said that autopsies for the victims were scheduled for Monday. Police said they do not believe drugs or alcohol played a part in the Alaska murder-suicide.

Investigators are still trying to search for more information, and have asked anyone who had contact with any of the victims in the past few days to contact Avery Thompson at

A Facebook page identified as belonging to McKay Hutton may reveal some clues about the relationship between the victims and the alleged shooter. On the page, Hutton shared pictures with a newborn baby and listed himself as married to Emily McDonald-Hutton.

The page appeared to show scenes from a loving family. McKay Hutton posted many happy pictures with his children and wife, including one with the newborn baby nestled on his chest. In another shot, McKay and Emily stood beside a Christmas tree with an unidentified child.

In a Facebook post from almost exactly one year before Saturday’s fatal shooting, McKay Hutton professed his love for Emily McDonald.

“To the one I love you much, my soul mate, my best friend, my lover my everything, our special night brought us both such happiness, the love I feel everyday to you waking up in my arms, your the most cherished part of my life. To many more years with you sweetheart, I love you always and forever.”

Facebook pictures also show McKay Hutton with another child, but police said they have received questions about another potential child.

“That child’s identity is not being released at this time but was not present and is safe. Relationship between this child and any of the victims is still being investigated,” McCulloch said.

McKay Hutton’s Facebook page also appeared to show his affinity for guns. The 22-year-old uploaded a picture that appeared to show an AR-47 assault rifle superimposed over the text of the Second Amendment.

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