Jon Stewart Mocks Mitt Romney In ‘Debate Duet’ [Video]

Jon Stewart mocked the final presidential debate during The Daily Show on Tuesday night, composing a debate duet that caused the comedian to say, “I think Romney’s leaning Obama.”

Stewart began his show with a montage of Republicans talking about how weak President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been, including a clip showing Republican challenger Mitt Romney saying that the president’s policies have shown weakness, reports Newser.

The Daily Show host also stated that, to hear Republicans talk about it, Obama has been the worst president on foreign policy since “Flinghington J. Craphispants.” After showing a barrage of Romney’s “I agree” moments during the debate, Stewart quipped, “Apparently Romney’s one of this year’s coveted swing voters.”

Stewart also composed what he called an amazing “duet on Syria” to show just how close the two politicians’ statements were, at times, during the debate.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Jon Stewart mocked Romney, saying:

“Governor Mitt Romney appears to have made the calculated decision that his bellicose and hawkish performances in the Republican primaries would be less appreciated by ‘the normals.’ Here’s the crazy part. After basically casting off what were months and weeks ago his bedrock principles and beliefs to copy Obama’s policy positions in a transparently cynical appeal to moderate undecideds, guess which quality Romney chose to highlight as the difference between the two men?”

He then played a reel of Romney using the term “leadership” over and over again, after which he quipped, “Follow me! I’ll be right behind the president.”

Stewart didn’t just make fun of Romney though, as he stated that the President adopted many of George W. Bush’s aggressive foreign policy stances, like taking a shot at his drone warfare tactics.

Check out the video below to see Jon Stewart and the Obama/Romney “debate duet.”

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