Police Officer’s Suspected Killer Got Married Just After Shooting

The suspect in the shooting death of San Antonio police detective Benjamin Marconi got married in the hours between his arrest and after he allegedly shot and killed the detective while he was in his vehicle writing a traffic ticket. The police shooting occurred just outside the San Antonio Police headquarters.

CNN reported this week that 31-year-old Otis Tyrone McKane was arrested on a suspicion of murder charge just a few hours after being married on November 21, citing documents obtained from the Bexar County Clerk’s Office that showed a marriage license had been obtained by the suspect at 9:57 a.m. (CST) Those same documents did not reveal who McKane married; the individual’s name having been redacted from the marriage documents. Priscilla Hernandez of the Bexar County Clerk’s Office told CNN that a court judge then performed the ceremony.

At the same time, the San Antonio Police were making public video information about the man they believed had shot and killed 50-year-old Detective Benjamin Marconi. KPRC in Houston reported that the video showed a man inside police headquarters just four hours before the shooting and then showed a car leaving the scene. However, the name of the suspected killer was not released at that time, although it was believed the motive was an intentional killing of a police officer.

Detective Marconi was shot at close range as he sat writing out a traffic ticket in front of police headquarters on Sunday, November 20. According to CBS News, San Antonio police stated Marconi was “apparently assassinated,” noting that the suspect had pulled in behind the officer, got out of his car, walked up and shot Marconi through his window. The suspect then leaned in and shot Marconi a second time before returning to his car and driving away.

At no time did San Antonio police have reason to believe that the suspected shooter had anything to do with the individual who was being written a ticket. A motive was unknown at first, but police later noted that the suspect had allegedly killed Marconi not for any personal reason, only that he was the first police officer he encountered when he decided to commit the act.

After allegedly shooting and killing a police officer, Otis Tyrone McKane got married. He was arrested shortly afterward. [Image by Patrick Thomas/Shutterstock]

As CNN reported, McKane apologized to the family of the slain detective after his arrest. The suspect told reporters what had prompted him to shoot the officer.

“Society not allowing me to see my son,” he said. “I lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it. I’ve been through several custody battles and I was upset at the situation I was in.”

In a follow-up question, McKane was asked if he had anything to say to Marconi’s family.

“I’m sorry,” he replied as he was taken away.

San Antonio police chief William McManus stated that Otis McKane was found through the use of the videos and with information gathered during the investigation. McKane was also kept under surveillance for several hours prior to his arrest, but it was not disclosed whether or not he was under surveillance when the wedding took place.

“This case, although we’ve made an arrest, is far from over,” the police chief said, according to KPRC. “We continue to investigate and until we have every shred of evidence that we believe exists, we’ll then turn it over to the District Attorney for prosecution.”

Otis McKane, prior to Monday’s arrest, had a criminal history. A court database revealed that he pleaded no contest to an assault charge in 2012.

The death of San Antonio police detective Benjamin Marconi was the 60th officer fatality in the line of duty of 2016. [Image by SimeonVD/Shutterstock]

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Det. Benjamin Marconi’s death was the 60th police officer shooting fatality in the line of duty this year.

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