‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Manga Chapter 214: Here's Why The Fairy King Couldn't Kill Rou For Maiming Gerharde?

Chapter 214 of immensely popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins reveals the painful and emotional reason why the Fairy King, King Gloxinia, couldn't kill Rou, despite the latter brutally maiming Princess Gerharde. However, this chapter of Nanatsu no Taizai also marks the entry of a dangerous character who could truly put Diane's life in jeopardy.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 214 spoilers/recap and Chapter 215 speculations ahead]

Chapter 213 of manga The Seven Deadly Sins was quite graphic in nature as the human, Rou, tore into the Warriors of Stigma, and butchered them mercilessly. Despite being a human, Rou possessed brute strength, and the Stigma warriors were no match to him. Shockingly, Rou's brother attacked and maimed Princess Gerharde, and Rou, in turn, killed him. However, Rou couldn't murder her. With the wounded princess in his lap, Rou explained he couldn't bring himself to kill her because she reminded him of his childhood friend.

He always looked out for her, but the Warriors of Stigma slaughtered his entire village without any rhyme or reason in a surprise raid. He even revealed his encounter with a demon. It was the merciless slaughter of his people that spurred the long held intention of seeking vengeance and murdering the Warriors of Stigma. Shockingly, despite her condition, Gerharde understood Rou's situation and promised him that she would explain the situation once the Fairy King gets there. Gerharde had revealed that she too committed an unforgivable sin once, which essentially was keeping mum about Lord Rueduciel's cruelties. The chapter had ended with Gloxinia attacking Rou with a "blinding burst."

In the current chapter, Rou challenges Gloxinia to kill him, but the Fairy King realizes that Rou deeply regrets his acts. Hence just before the spear pierces Rou, Gloxinia stops it by saying that he can't kill him. Unfortunately, Rou is still cut in half by another spear launched by the real King Gloxinia, who has woken up from the test.


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In the next panel, the original King Gloxinia explains that he lost control of himself and killed Rou. He adds that killing Rou wasn't enough, and he turned his anger towards the Stigma without bothering to find out if his sister, Gerharde, was still alive. His rage caused him to become one of the Ten Commandments. Interestingly, the situation is quite similar to Ban. However, Ban wasn't killed because he didn't have true evil within him. Although he was "nothing more than a low-life scumbag," he was irreplaceable in this world to his sister.

Essentially, Gloxinia observed the sweetness or naivety that made him sympathize with Rou and it was these characteristics that couldn't let him kill the human. In other worlds, he noted Rou wasn't truly evil, and true evil really does exist in this world, concluded the Fairy King.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, King Dolor, who has been talking to the real and puppet Gowther, informs them that he is heading towards the Light of Grace to join the Fairy King. The real Gothwer calmly reiterates his intentions of stopping the Holy War. However, before the Giant King leaves, he senses the presence of a "killing intent." It is likely that King Dolor senses someone from beyond the gate to the prison of the demon world that Melascula of Faith was tricked into creating by Gowther of Selflessness. While the duo is talking, the Light of Grace is seen shattering.

Chapter 214 of manga The Seven Deadly Sins ends with the appearance of Zeldoris, who is also known as "The Executioner." With the entrance of The Ten Commandments' Zeldoris, Diane's life is believed to be in true danger. Should she die, Diane would be forever lost in the "annals of time." Chapter 215 of The Seven Deadly Sins, titled "Zeldoris The Executioner," is expected to contain the battle between Zeldoris and the real Gowther as the latter might attempt to save Diane.

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