Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Slam Breakup Rumors With Thanksgiving Clips

There have been reports coming out that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had broken up, but the two proved to everyone that they are still dating with new video clips that the songstress shared on social media. The lovebirds celebrated Thanksgiving together and even wore matching onesies.

The 32-year-old singer documented the festivities in her home, and her boyfriend was spotted carrying a baby. The 39-year-old actor seems comfortable hanging around with his girlfriend’s family. He even shared a laugh with Katy’s dad who spoke to the camera. Celeb Uncommon Report combined the adorable video clips of their Thanksgiving celebration on YouTube. Watch them below.

A source revealed to E! Online that Perry and Bloom didn’t split. They are happy together, but often have to travel apart because of their busy schedules. But when they find time, they manage to see each other like the recent Thanksgiving celebration. According to Radar Online, Orlando’s child with Miranda Kerr, Flynn, was also at the singer’s house. It seems that the British heartthrob and his 5-year-old son have already been accepted by the pop star’s family so it isn’t surprising if they would end up getting married someday.

The “Roar” hitmaker was previously married to comedian Russell Brand, but their marriage ended only after a year. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, on the other hand, was married to supermodel Miranda Kerr for three years and they have a child together. Katy having already met Orlando’s son Flynn and hanging out with him and her sister’s children may have inspired her to have her own baby too. During an interview with Us Weekly a few months ago, she started talking about kids.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
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“Children to me are becoming a big focus,” she confessed “I don’t even have one, but I see it in my sister’s kids and just how much nurturing and love they need.”

Katy revealed that she helped deliver both of her sisters’ kids with the last one coming out just last September. She explained how these experiences gave her a glimpse of the parenting world and she seems to like what she saw.

“I see the amazing things of birth and children and vulnerability and how we have to take care of them and how big of an impression we have. It’s such a responsibility,” Perry said.

Now that the “Fireworks” hitmaker has hinted settling down and having her own baby, the English actor may have had a case of cold feet after finding out about it. Hollywood Life reported that Orlando Bloom dumped Katy Perry after Halloween and told his pals about his decision to end his relationship with the singer.

Orlando Bloom and son Flynn
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A source told In Touch that he isn’t ready to get married and have babies. The actor who played Legolas in The Lord of The Rings film trilogy already has a child from his ex-wife, maybe that’s why he isn’t in a rush to have another one. However, there were previous reports that Bloom wanted to have more children with Perry.

A few months ago, a source close to the actor revealed to PEOPLE that the relationship of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are heading towards engagement. The Hollywood heartthrob reportedly gushed about his girlfriend and thinks that she’s amazing in a million ways. After Miranda, she’s the only girl that he has been serious with, and he is even willing to get married and have kids with her. But would she say “yes” once he proposes?

“She’s not going to rashly make a huge commitment like marriage again unless she thinks it’s absolutely right,” her pal said. “They’ve been getting along really well. Katy gives him space, and they’re both pretty independent. They are serious about each other and their relationship.”

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