Male Trump Supporter Calls Women Passengers ‘Hillary B***hes’ In Thanksgiving Day Delta Flight Rant [Video]

A Delta Air Lines passenger en route to Allentown, PA, from Atlanta was recorded ranting and raving against supporters of Hillary Clinton, while also praising controversial President-elect Donald Trump on Thanksgiving Day.

In the now-viral video, which was reported on by several media outlets including BuzzFeed News and Mediaite, an unnamed male flyer is seen angrily addressing the near-full cabin of the flight by first inquiring riders on whom they voted for, Trump or Clinton.

(Please be advised, Inquisitr readers, that the following video contains NSFW language.)

“How many people, man,” the Trump follower asks loudly. “Oh, really? Ain’t nobody gonna say s**t on this plane?”

When another passenger, a woman, claims not to be able to hear him, the man raises his voice louder before bursting into self-led applause.

“Donald Trump, baby,” he exclaims. “That’s right! This man knows what’s up,” he adds, pointing to a fellow male plane passenger.

Suddenly and without warning, the admitted Trump supporter then switches tone from one of approval to one of complete dislike.

“We’ve got some Hillary b***hes on here? Come on, baby — Trump!”

Although the extremely vocal backer of The Donald is mostly met with silence from the majority of Delta passengers, he continues on his diatribe, telling the crowd that they’re pretty much stuck with the former Celebrity Apprentice host for the next four years.

“Donald Trump — he’s your president, every godd**n one of you,” he proclaims.

“If you don’t like it, too bad!”

The man then takes his seat as the person filming, Facebook user Emma Baum, turns the camera lens around the cabin before turning it off.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Baum says that the pro-Trump Delta patron was ultimately reprimanded by flight attendants for his bizarre actions, but after about 15 minutes, he was allowed to return to his seat.

“This is what you get for being a patriot,” Emma remembers the man remarking upon his return.

Upon posting the video to her social media profile, the clip has amassed more than 1 million views and thousands of shares. Delta has yet to respond publicly to the matter, but when reached out to by Yashar Ali, another of the Allentown flight passengers, the airline apologized to them directly for not doing more to keep the teed-off Trump talker at bay.

“We are sorry this disruption occurred,” the alleged note, which was picked up by Mediaite, reads. “Our crews work hard to ensure flying is comfortable for all of our customers. We are currently investigating the matter.”

Incidentally, a previous altercation involving a Donald Trump supporter on a United Airlines flight to Puerto Vallarta, MX, made for another viral moment just recently.

As noted by the Inquisitr on November 16, two passengers on the outbound journey, a Caucasian man and an African-American woman, were purported to have gotten in a verbal disagreement regarding the male passenger wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, and claiming that he was “happy to keep his guns” following Trump’s electoral vote win.

After the two were reprimanded and placed in separate seats, the pilot of the United Airlines flight personally requested that all conversations regarding the election cease until the plane landed, while adding that contentious disagreements rarely have a positive endgame.

“If you support [Trump], great,” he stated. “If you don’t, I understand. However, we’re out here to go to Puerto Vallarta, [and we’re] supposed to be having a good time. Nobody is going to change their minds by arguing, [so] let’s keep our opinions to ourselves on this particular matter at this particular time.”

In a comment regarding the earlier incident, United Airlines expressed that they approved of the way that the pilot addressed the Trump-themed incident, but refused to reveal his identity to news sources.

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