Britney Spears: Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Testimony Begins

Britney Spears’ former self-proclaimed manager, Sam Lutfi, told jurors that the singer’s father threatened to kill him and punched him. The breach of contract and defamation lawsuit was filled with drama as the X Factor judge’s parents lined up against the man who once claimed to represent the star. Lutfi is suing for libel and defamation in relation to statements Lynne made in a book she wrote about her life.

During his testimony, Lutfi claimed that, after Britney was released from her first involuntary psychiatric hold, Jamie and Lynne Spears unexpectedly visited their daughter. It was during this visit that the former manager claims the supposed violent altercation occurred, Radar Online notes. Lutfi maintains he is owed money from 2007 and 2008, according to the San Francisco Chronicle website.

Sam had this to say during his time on the witness stand:

“Britney freaked out that they were at the front gate and she left. Britney left because she was terrified of her dad. James threatened to kill me, and also punched me. There was tension between [us] but later [Adnan] had an understanding that if he ever saw Britney doing drugs, he would tell me right away. Adnan never lived with Britney but spent a lot of time with her.”

Adnan Ghalib, a photographer, was dating the pop star during this time period. Britney’s fiancé Jason Trawick is also expected to address the jury during the trial. The proceedings are anticipated to take three weeks. The X Factor star has allegedly been excused from taking the stand by the judge in charge of her conservatorship.

The former manager was expected to remain on the witness stand throughout the day Wednesday. He is currently still working in the entertainment field and reportedly representing Courtney Love.