Farrah Abraham Net Worth: Will ‘Teen Mom’ Star Make Money From Sophia’s New Business?

Farrah Abraham is always trying to come up with new business ventures to make money as fans have seen on Teen Mom over the years. Farrah has launched a pasta sauce, has written books, and recently opened a yogurt shop in Texas. Abraham has also opened a furniture store as fans are seeing on Teen Mom, and she was briefly known as an adult porn star after filming two adult films for a reported $1 million.

Now, it sounds like she’s thinking about her daughter, Sophia, and how she can start making money too. Farrah recently announced that her daughter would be launching her own store. And this move could increase her overall net worth.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham‘s net worth could go well beyond the $1 million that she’s rumored to be worth these days with this new business venture. Sophia’s new shop will sell baby onesies that have been approved by both Farrah and her daughter. And MTV is even celebrating this new business move.

“Congrats on the grand opening of your store, Sophia!” read a tweet from the official Teen Mom OG Twitter account, and Sophia Abraham’s Twitter account shared the following message, “Babies on the way.. come by the store Sophia Laurent Boutique or call and order your’s before they are gone.”

But some people are not too happy with the way Farrah is making her daughter work these days, and she has faced criticism over using Sophia’s name to make money. While Sophia is old enough to share what she likes and doesn’t like, it’s hard to imagine that Sophia will see the money that she’s making with this business venture. It is possible that Farrah Abraham will reinvest the money she makes from this business venture into some of her other businesses.

Just last week, Farrah Abraham tweeted that she was proud of her daughter for hustling since she was born, and she called her blessed. But this tweet didn’t exactly sit well with people who thought that Farrah should let her daughter enjoy her childhood. Sophia has already been on television since she was born as she came into the world on 16 & Pregnant and has been on television since with Teen Mom OG.

“Sophia Abraham pretty amazed this baby boss has worked since she was literally born into this world #Blessed,” Farrah Abraham revealed last week on Twitter, which sparked several reactions.

“Cause u make her work. She cant even stand being around u. No one can. Havent u noticed that people run from u?” one person wrote to Farrah, while another person wrote, “bc yo forced her to work…She doesn’t know what working means at her age! She needs to be playing and having fun.”

Plus, Abraham isn’t giving her daughter a great childhood where she can just be a child if she keeps using her for business ventures. Maybe Abraham’s daughter wants to use her own name for something special when she grows up. People think that she needs to give her daughter a break and speak to her nicely.

“If she doesn’t change how she talks, her and daughter are going to have the same relationship as Farrah and her mom. Disturbing. And Farrah will blame that on her mom too!” another person pointed out to Abraham, sharing that Farrah needs to show her own mother respect if she wants respect from Sophia later in life when she grows up.

Sophia is already telling her mother that she doesn’t like the way she talks to her, but Farrah Abraham can’t take her daughter’s concerns to heart.

What do you think of Farrah’s decision to use her daughter’s name for a business project? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below this article.

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