Target’s Black Friday 2016: Giant $10 Teddy Bears A Big Hit — Walmart Bets On Prada Shoes

Black Friday 2016 began for many stores on Thanksgiving Day — around 6 p.m. for stores like Target — and plenty of folks have been seeking information on the best Black Friday deals. Google Trends reported more than 5 million searches coming in to their search engine from searchers seeking info about Black Friday 2016 ads for stores like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and more.

As seen in the following tweet, people are turning to social media to share their Target Black Friday 2016 deals, or at least share photos of the things they wanted to buy from Target on Black Friday. The big teddy bear for only $10 at Target was a big hit on Black Friday, as witnessed by the Target shoppers on social media tweeting about how the teddy bears are sold out in some Target stores.

That $10 is a lot less than the $18,000 Cartier watch deal being offered to Black Friday customers of Walmart, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Along with the expensive Cartier watches that Walmart is hoping plenty of Black Friday consumers will buy, other pricey gifts like Prada pumps are on the menu for Walmart’s website for Black Friday, as noted by the publication.

As seen in the above photo, Target shoppers who braved Target’s Black Friday sales by visiting Target stores on Thursday, November 24, saw fit to load UHDTVs (ultra-high-definition televisions) and other electronics in their shopping carts.

[Image by Noah K. Murray/Invision for Target/AP Images]

In order to get the Black Friday sales deals at Target, some Target shoppers got in line on Thanksgiving Day, prior to the doors opening at some Target stores at 6 p.m.

As seen in the above photo, Target shoppers waited for the doors to open on Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey.

In the below photo, a Target employee passed out Target’s “doorbuster tickets” to Black Friday customers as the shoppers waited to get inside.

[Image by Noah K. Murray/Invision for Target/AP Images]

Meanwhile, USA Today warns Black Friday shoppers to be careful when it comes to seeking out technology deals. The publication warns people to know exactly what they are buying before jumping in and assuming they are getting a good deal just because it’s Black Friday.

Instead of falling for big Black Friday 2016 ads promoting a “4K” TV or hawking a phone for only $249.99, it helps to learn if the product has great reviews from other customers first. Some retailers might use Black Friday to unload older model products; therefore, being aware of exactly what you’re buying and what’s a good price and what isn’t could help Black Friday shoppers not fall for scams.

USA Today also asked why women don’t buy a lot of handbags during Black Friday and the holidays.

Either way, Target proved to be a popular destination on Black Friday, and some of the experiences people underwent therein can be read in some of the sample comments below.

“Mind you Target was out of control.”

“People lining outside target to get $20 off a microwave rip.”

“Went to Target, got my lil Polaroid printer that I wanted, and now I’m in bed attempting to become the Alola region champion.

“Cool just sold me a tv they said is 4K 60hz and oh look surprise it’s not. New Xbox and new tv = giant waste of money.”

“Went shopping at Target tonight and over 5 people asked me if I could help them. I was not wearing red, Nor did I have a name tag. Okay…”

“I chickened out because the Target line was five blocks long.”

“Who would of thought that to get a black friday deal you had to make online reservation ???? .”

[Featured Image by Noah K. Murray/Invision for Target/AP Images]

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