Teacher Caught On Camera Beating Kindergarten Students [Video]

A teacher has been caught on camera beating her kindergarten math students, RadarOnline reports.

Li Zhuqing, a teacher at Sky Montessori Kindergarten in China’s northern Shanxi Province, is under a 15-day administrative detention while the matter is being investigated.

Zhuging is accused of hitting one of her students 70 times. The girl’s father noticed her bruises and alerted officials. The father said,

“I picked up my kid at 5:10 p.m. and when we got home I noticed that her eyes were swollen with two welts, it was swollen here [pointing to one cheek] and bruised black and green here.

“Between 4 and 4:30, my daughter was hit 70 times, slapped about 70 times on the face, and kicked in the butt twice. That’s for my child. Another was hit 40-some times, 43 times. Another one was hit 10 times, and another 27 times.”

The teacher allegedly punished the children for being slow at math. The father who first reported the abuse said the teacher hit his daughter for not being able to answer ten plus one.

“But she could do single digit addition. Because of this, she couldn’t get it right the first time, so the teacher taught her. But then my daughter said, ‘Ms. Liu, I still don’t know.’ She still didn’t know so the teacher picked up a booklet and went at her face,” the father said.

The kindergarten has been ordered to shut down. Authorities have started a one-month inspection of all kindergartens, and will shut down those with serious problems.

The video has been released by LiveLeak, and shows Li Zhuqing hitting several of the students multiple times.

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