Carrie Ann Inaba Hospitalized After Anemia Scare: Inside The ‘DWTS’ Judges’ Ongoing Health Struggles

Carrie Ann Inaba was forced to slow down this week after a medical scare landed her in the hospital. Inaba, a former Fly Girl and longtime judge on Dancing With the Stars, shared an Instagram post which showed an IV attached to her arm with the explanation that that overworking had led to her hospitalization for a chronic illness.

"Iron deficiency Anemia strikes again," Carrie Ann captioned the scary post.

Carrie Ann Inaba has been vocal about her battle with anemia and several other ailments. Last year on her Dancing With the Stars blog for Access Hollywood, Carrie Ann revealed that she has very low iron levels.

"This morning, unfortunately, I have to go to the doctors for an iron infusion (I have very low levels of iron)," Carrie Ann wrote last April.

"I'm off to the doctors now, and just as a friendly reminder, women should get their ferritin levels checked because it can be a cause of low energy. This is my 3rd iron Infusion in three years. I may look very tan next week from the iron infusion, but I think it kind of works because tan skin and DWTS go together like cookies and cream."
Inaba previously told Healthy Living magazine that her extensive dance background has taken its toll on her. In the interview, Carrie Ann revealed that she was diagnosed with the painful condition, spinal stenosis, after years of professional dancing. Carrie Ann said that her doctor told her he had only seen an injury as serious as hers in professional football players.

"I was shocked, but all those years of throwing my head back caused a lot of damage," Inaba explained. "I also have no more cartilage left in my hips, which can be quite painful. And, more recently, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my ankles and feet."

Carrie Ann Inaba was also diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, an auto-immune condition that causes incredible fatigue.

"I had been having a hard time with my energy levels which affected everything, especially my fitness routine," Inaba said.

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Carrie Ann revealed that it took her two years to come up with a workout routine that would work for her chronic ailments. After kicking kickboxing, martial arts, and weights to the curb, Carrie Ann said she switched to a combination of yoga and Pilates as her core fitness regimen.

"I don't overdo like I used to," Inaba explained.

"I used to push myself to the limits all the time. Now I enjoy a healthy and balanced routine and I'm kinder to myself about my workout schedule…As I grow older, I have learned to cherish my body and its functions even more. I do a half an hour of yoga at least three times a week at home. I have a small studio right off my bedroom that is filled with light. I like doing yoga in there, and I listen to music and inspiring words while doing it. I always feel incredible after my practice."
Carrie Ann said that while her conditions "can be painful," they are "completely bearable," and she added that she has no regrets due to all of the joy that dance has given her.

After her latest health scare, fans sent messages of support to the popular 49-year-old Dancing With the Stars judge. Carrie Ann later took to social media to thank fans for their well wishes. In her thank you message, Inaba made it clear that she will be back in the DWTS ballroom on Monday night.

"Thank you all for the love, support, and encouragement," Carrie Ann wrote. "I am deeply touched by all your messages...I can't wait for Monday night @DancingABC #teamdancesBy then, I'll be feeling like a million bucks!"

You can see Carrie Ann Inaba on Dancing With the Stars Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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