Presidential Poll Rumor: Obama Reelection Effort Is ‘Collapsing’

Obama campaign collapsing?

You may want to take this with a grain or ten of salt, but former CIA counterterrorism official Larry Johnson posted a provocative item to his blog about who is winning the presidential election.

Johnson, who makes regular appearances on cable news networks, wrote that he was flying home from Florida on the morning after the third and final presidential debate. At the Fort Lauderdale airport, Johnson claims that he found himself in close proximity to various Washington news media luminaries including CNN’s Candy Crowley, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, and NBC Chief White Correspondent Chuck Todd, who also serves as the network’s political director.

Johnson says Todd was gabbing on his cell phone and made an interesting comment:

“Immediately to my right (on the other side of the security line) was F. Chuck Todd, oblivious to all around him, talking on the phone. I heard him say, ‘Yeah, Obama’s numbers are collapsing.’ “

With this in mind, Johnson insists that the journalists in the mainstream media are not leveling with the people about what’s really going on in the presidential campaign:

“The average American really cannot appreciate the level of incest that is the so-called mainstream media. They are their own echo chamber … Some may put on the happy face on TV, but they rarely tell viewers and readers what they really know. In this case, there are the real polls. Each campaign has a good handle on whether they are moving up or moving down. Obama is in free fall and did not do himself any favors last night …

“Obama’s angry, petulant, in-your-face histrionics did not sway the middle. It alienated them. That’s the dirty secret that most of the media knows and refuses to disclose to America. The election has shifted decisively in Romney’s favor and Obama’s ship, not submarine, is going under.”

Do you think the mainstream media is providing the American voter with an accurate assessment of where things stand in the contest between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor and businessman Mitt Romney?

Putting politics aside, is there anything more annoying than people who have loud cell phone conversations in public?

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