Florida Woman Allegedly Shoots At Houseguests Who Overstayed Their Welcome

A Panama City, Florida, woman allegedly opened fire on two noisy houseguests who wouldn’t leave her home.

The suspect in the early morning incident, identified as Alana Annette Savell, 32, faces a charge of aggravated battery with a firearm, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, the Daily Mail reported.

Although a certain amount of frustration is understandable when visitors don’t take the hint if you are having overnight guests during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, for example, this is probably not the approach that you should take.

The Washington Post provided this background on the incident that occurred about 100 miles southwest of Tallahassee.

“According to the sheriff’s office, a man and a woman had gone to Savell’s house around 1 a.m. Monday to ‘hang out’ and drink alcohol. After awhile, Savell said she told her guests multiple times to leave, but they did not listen. Savell then retrieved a.22-caliber handgun and began shooting at the feet of her guests, according to an affidavit. Her boyfriend, identified only as Ben, told police later that it was something he had advised Savell to do…’The defendant stated that she knew she was wrong for shotting [sic] at the victim and Gary, but stated when she started shooting she could not stop,’ the affidavit read.”

The female guest was reportedly hit twice in the leg, and Ben was wounded by one round. ER staff reportedly alerted cops when the female victim went to the hospital for treatment.

“The boyfriend allegedly told authorities that he told Savell that if someone is told to leave their property three times, she is to get the gun and shoot it at the ground. If that doesn’t work, she’s supposed to shoot them in the leg,” NBC6 South Florida reported, which also added that the guests were supposedly getting too loud.

The Bay County Sheriff Facebook page confirmed much of the information provided in the media reports.

“The Bay County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division investigators responded to a local hospital at approximately 2:00 am where a gunshot victim was receiving treatment. The victim stated she had gone to a residence…at about 1:00 am with a friend. While there, a woman who lived at the residence got a 22 caliber hand gun and, while standing in the doorway of the residence, began to fire rounds at the victim and a male friend. The victim stated she felt herself get hit in the legs and ran away from the home and got into a vehicle…”

“Police found Savell, who had thrown the firearm in a trashcan after the shooting, around 2 a.m. Monday and took her into custody,” the New York Daily News detailed.

The suspect also apparently admitted that calling 911 to ask cops to respond and peacefully get rid of the allegedly disruptive duo would have been a better option.

As of this morning, she was being detained at the Bay County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Bay County, Florida, made headlines about two years ago when a 12-year-old boy allegedly got behind the wheel of a school bus and drove it about 15 miles for a joyride to Walmart. The driver of the bus in question reportedly left the keys in the ignition when he parked it outside his home and also might have left the door of the vehicle open. At the time, the youngster faced charges of grand theft of an item worth more than $100,000 and felony criminal mischief along with grand theft for a missing student recognition device worth about $2,000. Bay County Sheriff’s deputies were also investigating whether the vehicle was involved in a fender bender of some kind given that a scrape of white paint was noticed on the right side of the bus.

Recalling that old saying, “don’t go away mad, just go away,” what techniques do you use to clue-in houseguests that it is time for them to go?

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