‘Pizzagate’ Hits Voat Shortly After Being Banned On Reddit, Comet Ping Pong Nightmare Continues

“Pizzagate” has gone to Voat following a decision by Reddit admins to stop the harassment of the Chevy Chase pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong. It’s clear that some alt-right voters are not happy about president-elect Donald Trump letting go of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and now the pizza restaurant is under fire from conspiracy theorists.

The alleged offense is that Comet Ping Pong is a child sex-trafficking ring under the cover of a restaurant being used by Democrats in power in the United States. The connection to the recent election is that the people in charge of Clinton’s campaign were using the restaurant to facilitate illegal and satanic activity.

This might be an extension of Hillary Clinton’s scandal where she had used a private server to exchange emails containing classified government documents. Some of the documents pointed to the possibility of her controlling the media and making Donald Trump look like more of a monster to sway the vote. It ties in with Trump’s pre-election days of calling Hillary crooked on Twitter and accusing her of planning to rig the vote in her favor via the Electoral College.

Now, it appears that political conspiracy theorists are making connections, which could lead to the biggest scandal since Watergate.

Alt-right protesters appear to be looking for something similar, and they are harassing Comet Ping Pong for its alleged connection to someone in power.

Where does all of this tie in with Hillary Clinton? Secretary Clinton’s emails had revealed possible child sex-trafficking behind the scenes. Add to this that one of the theories, however ridiculous, is that the pizzeria owner’s name is James Alefantis, which sounds like a French phrase meaning “I like children.”

Similar connections were made about President Obama, whose middle name is Hussein. This stretch of a connection had him allegedly connected with Osama bin Laden and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Accusing someone of something just because their name sounds suspicious might be the biggest hole in the “pizzagate” theory.

A more solid connection is the fact that Alefantis is an acquaintance of Democratic operative David Brock, who was mentioned in GQ‘s list of Washington’s most powerful people. This, theorists allege, means that someone is trying to cover up Comet Ping Pong’s connection with child sex-trafficking. One of the emails released by Wikileaks also pointed to a meeting between John Podesta and Alefantis, and there is a picture of Podesta holding a handkerchief with a “pizza-related” map on it, according to Washington City Paper.

The fact that Reddit has now banned all “Pizzagate” discussions, and the pizzeria is now being forced to leave an Active Cleanup Alert to remove all negative reviews concerning the alleged scandal is only reinforcing theorists’ claims, says DCist. Those involved in the discussion are now saying that Comet Ping Pong is using its power to silence the accusations on Reddit.

Alefantis has taken to the public with a statement on how horrible this theory is, and how it unfairly costs him business while engaging in borderline illegal practices.

“The most sickening part of this vicious attack has been the stealing of Instagram images, Facebook images of children, minors, aged 5, 7, and 8 years old that are then slapped across their chat boards as nothing but pawns. Yes, it’s scary to be attacked, it’s dangerous for business, but it’s disgusting and filthy of these people to be posting photos on these websites…. Someone should be prosecuting these people.”

Alefantis added, unfortunately, that the people perpetuating the “pizzagate” rumors even on Voat are “white nationalists made up largely of racists [and] homophobic individuals.” The same label has been used on people who voted for Donald Trump or even support him.

Reddit admins had previously warned users of their personal information policy, and after pictures of the children of people who work for or even “like” Comet began circulating on the site, the violations had gone too far.

The alt-right protesters don’t appear to be stopping the allegations, having moved to Voat even after fact-checking site Politifact stated that the connection between Clinton’s alleged child sex network and Comet Ping Pong is “ridiculously thin.”

Alefantis has said that the alleged scandal isn’t just affecting his business, but also that of an NGO which works to save Haitian orphans right across the street, linking them and other businesses on the same street with an underground satanic network.

It’s doubtful that “pizzagate” will leave Voat before Comet Ping Pong and other businesses are driven out of business by conspiracy theorists. What are your thoughts on this potentially disastrous theory?

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