Todd Tucker on Kanye West’s Mental Breakdown: ‘RHOA’ Star Says He Can Relate

Todd Tucker might have his hands full with his son, Ace, who will be one-year-old in January. Plus, Tucker continues to work with his wife, Kandi Burruss, on her various business ventures, including their joint restaurant venture in Atlanta. However, it sounds like Tucker might be reading the headlines and learning about Kanye West’s recent meltdown. Earlier this week, Kanye suffered a breakdown, and he was hospitalized. Some reports say that he is suicidal, and he’s currently being held at the hospital for his own good.

According to a new Instagram post, Todd Tucker might have been following along as he can relate to West’s breakdown in some way. A few years ago, Todd announced that his mother, who had been featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, had passed away. While Tucker was living in Atlanta, she was living in New York, and he often went to visit her. But one day, he couldn’t contact her, and he learned that she had suffered a stroke. And maybe Todd Tucker can relate to Kanye’s pain as he lost his mother as well.

“I’m praying for Kanye as only those who have lost their moms would understand the pain, loneliness, confusion, lost of love for life, blame and so many other feeling that come with it. I’m 2yrs in and I’m lost everyday. I pray that he gets the help he needs! Money, cars, clothes, Jewelry and other bullsh*t don’t fix this shit! Get better Kanye we need you!” Todd Tucker revealed on Instagram, sharing that he knows that wealth, money, and material things won’t fill the void that he’s feeling after losing his mother.


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This isn’t the first time that Kanye has made headlines for being depressed about his mother. In a song, he revealed that it was crazy that people would label him suicidal after losing his mother, especially since he was happy in his personal relationships. But this time, it might be more serious than before, which is making Tucker reach out via social media. This is the first time that West has been hospitalized for how he’s feeling. According to Radar Online, West has been placed on a 5150 hold, and he is being monitored closely because they are worried about him taking his own life.

While Todd Tucker had his family and his wife, Kandi Burruss, to help him through the loss of his mother, Kanye might not have the same support system. However, Kim Kardashian has cut her New York trip short to be by her husband’s side, and she hasn’t said anything on social media about his hospitalization. He was hospitalized on November 21, according to Radar Online.

When Todd Tucker’s mother passed away, he wasn’t filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so he could deal with the emotions in private. Plus, Todd doesn’t have the same level of fame as the rapper, so Tucker might not feel the public pressure to be working and performing while dealing with these emotions. Of course, West’s mother passed away years ago, and he has since gotten married and had two children. But it sounds like he can’t get Kim or his children to fill the void that remains in his life. Hopefully, the rapper will get the time and the help he needs to get through this rough patch.

What do you think of Todd Tucker’s message to Kanye West about knowing how he’s feeling? What do you think Tucker would tell Kanye if he could give him some advice about dealing with these feelings?

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