Kailyn Lowry Reflects On Her Life: Is Love More Important Than Money For ‘Teen Mom’ Star?

Kailyn Lowry has been through quite the roller coaster with her life since filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Javi Marroquin. Around Christmas last year, Kailyn and Javi decided that their marriage was over because they wanted different things. While Lowry really wanted to continue school and get a career going, Javi wanted her to stay at home and have a third child. The two could not agree on a future, so they decided that a divorce was the only viable option. They have one son together, Lincoln, but Marroquin was also the step-father to little Isaac, who she has with Jo Rivera.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry may be thinking about her life and going through the emotions these days as she’s now a single mother to two boys with two failed relationships behind her. While Lowry never married Jo Rivera, the relationship didn’t survive through their teenage years. These days, Lowry is focusing on wrapping up her education, something she started before she got married to Javi and she is realizing that it is tough to go to school with two kids at home.

“I don’t mind my 4:30 class but I’m usually about to fall asleep at this time every day,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted this week, sharing that she wasn’t quite done with her schooling, even though she has already tweeted about getting a bachelor’s degree. However, it sounds like she could be wrapping up her school this winter.

And maybe the late classes got her so exhausted that she just had to share her feelings because she decided to open up about various thoughts on Twitter yesterday. And while some of the things she shared were lyrics and quotes, it sounds like she was reflecting on her life, as the quotes were so fitting for someone, who was reflecting on a failed relationship or marriage.


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“What use is money when you need someone to hold?” Kailyn Lowry tweeted, sharing a lyric emoticon to hint that she was referring to a song, but the tweet is definitely interesting given that she and Javi got divorced over career decisions.

Lowry really wanted to get a career going, while Javi wanted to be the primary caregiver. He had been taking care of the family while she was going to school, but now she wanted to get a job so she could start a career. But the tweet could indicate that her journey to get a job and make money is lonely, as she now has no one to hold her. And she shouldn’t expect her estranged husband to come back to her, as he’s already looking for the next girl to date, as he still wants a wife at home.

“Follow your heart but watch your step,” Kailyn then tweeted a little later, sharing yet another quote that could reflect something in her life, to which one person wrote, “nah fam. Follow your instincts and your gut feeling. Following your Hart has left you a single mom 2x divorced with two kids.”

Maybe Lowry followed her heart when she got married to Marroquin, as she thought that they were on the same page. They were married for a few years and he started working during this time. And maybe all of her quotes resulted in some harsh feedback from her followers because she ended the night with a quote about being patient.

“Trying to have patience,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted near the end of the day yesterday after sharing various quotes and getting a mixed amount of messages in return, to which one person wrote, “good luck. We all know you have none.”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweets about her feelings and her life? Do you think she regrets going after a career and the money instead of love?

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