New Jersey Man Eats His Own Finger During PCP Rampage

A New Jersey man ate his own finger and defecated inside a police car during a recent PCP rampage, according to the New York Daily News. The suspect reportedly caused quite a commotion in Jersey City before finally being wrangled and arrested by local police.

Jargget Washington, 29, decided to take off all of his clothes before hassling drivers on the west side of Jersey City. At one point during his drug-fueled shenanigans, Washington managed to pull one driver out of his car. Fortunately for the unsuspecting motorist, he managed to tend off the assault from the suspect without sustaining serious injured in the process.

The Huffington Post reports that Washington was finally caught and subdued by local police. After getting him into the back of the squad car, the suspect was carted off to Jersey City Medical Center for evaulation. Still high on PCP and none too pleased with his current situation, the suspect reportedly spit at police while trying desperately to chew through his medical bracelet in order to gnaw on his wrist.

On his way to jail, Washington, dressed in a hospital gown, emptied his bowels in the back seat of the police car. If this peculiar behavior wasn’t enough to gross out and disturb authorities, the man gnawed off his finger while sitting in his jail cell. The digit, once removed, was then chewed and swallowed by the suspect.

As a result of his unruly and self-destructive behavior, Jargget Washington was taken back to the medical clinic for further treatment. Apparently New Jersey jails aren’t equipped to handle prisoners who decide to turn their own fingers into prison food.

For the trouble he caused during his rampage, Washington is being charged with carjacking, throwing bodily fluids at law enforcement officers, and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. If he doesn’t remember eating his own finger during his PCP rampage, chances are he’ll be in for quite a surprise when he sobers up.

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