California Family Slaughtered In Their Home: Police Officers Visibly Shaken By Gruesome Crime Scene

A California woman, 20, and her two toddler children, were brutally murdered inside their home. A six-month-old baby boy was found alive and crying in the rear of the house. The father discovered the bodies, which had reportedly suffered severe trauma. Chaplains were called in to aid not just grieving relatives, but also emergency personnel who worked the scene. Even the most seasoned police officers described the triple murder scene as both gruesome and heartbreaking.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, the baby was placed in the custody of social services workers. A photo of a police officer cradling the infant, completely unaware of the horror which had just unfolded, captured the hearts of viewers from around the country. After finding his wife and two young children murdered, the father ran to a neighbor’s home, screaming for help and yelling that his family was dead.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman, Sergeant Jason Ramos, had this to say about the family slaughter, during an interview with the Modesto Bee:

“It’s a very violent scene, obviously. Many of us have children as well. It’s extremely traumatic. We’re all human.

Sgt. Ramos could not reveal details about the nature of the crime scene. Both the father and a neighbor were detained for questioning, but have not been identified as suspects in the California triple murder. Police officers were photographed looking visibly shaken as they exited the home. Sgt. Ramos also noted that law enforcement officers rarely see a murder of this magnitude.

Initial impressions by law enforcement officers allegedly indicate that the woman and the young children were confronted by someone inside the house. The home is located in Rancho Cordova, approximately 15 miles outside of Sacramento. Officers are still searching for the family’s white minivan, which was missing from the home, according to the Daily Mail.

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