‘Battlefield 3: Aftermath’ New Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Now that Battlefield 3‘s next map pack, Aftermath, is under a month away from release, EA and DICE have started to open up with the first details on what we can expect out of the fourth helping of downloadable content.

After adds in a total of four new maps to Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer mode, but only two are known at the moment: Epicenter and Markaz Monolith. Each map takes place in a different location in and around Tehran, but they all follow the same theme–a post-earthquake landscape.

Just as was the case with the last two Battlefield 3 expansions, Aftermath also adds in a new game mode to freshen up the multiplayer. The mode, entitled Scavenger, starts players off with only a pistol, one grenade, and a specialization. To get better weapons, you’ll have to make your way to flags dotted around the map. Depending on how vulnerable the flag is, you may find better weapons.

The goal of the mode, DICE’s Craig Mcleod told Eurogamer, is to put new players on a level playing field with seasoned Battlefield 3 veterans.

“If you’ve levelled up that weapon for 400 hours that’s not going to help you in this mode,” Mcleod said. “It’s how good you are. So new players won’t feel daunted getting into this pack.

“This is great because it doesn’t matter if you’ve played for ten thousand hours or if you’re new and you’ve just bought Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, everyone starts on a level playing field. It comes down to skill.”

In addition to all of that, players can expect Aftermath to include three new vehicles, ten new weapons, ten new dog tags and five new achievements/trophies.

Battlefield 3‘s Aftermath is expected to start rolling out November 27, and will be available first on the PlayStation 3. You can check out the debut trailer for the expansion below.