‘The Bachelorette Canada’ 2016 Spoilers And Speculation: Jasmine Lorimer’s Final Rose Buzz Ramps Up Heading Into Season 1 Finale

It is time for the Season 1 finale of The Bachelorette Canada with Jasmine Lorimer and she has whittled her group of suitors down to just Kevin Wendt and Mikhel Sickand. Which man snags the final rose and which bachelor will head home heartbroken and alone? There are some spoilers swirling around and plenty of speculation among fans about which man will be left standing at the end, but could there be a shocker on the way?

Jasmine Lorimer has chosen to take Mikhel Sickand and Kevin Wendt on her last dates and it looks like arguments can be made for either one of them to snag that Bachelorette Canada final rose. While the United States version of the franchise has gossip guru Reality Steve to dish out scoop on how the eliminations play out, he doesn’t tackle the Canadian version, so people are on their own to dig for clues. There has been a great deal of talk at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums about this upcoming ending and plenty of discussion on the show’s Facebook page, but it doesn’t look as if a consensus on the outcome has necessarily been reached.


For some viewers, Mikhel flew under the radar to a degree until very late in the game. Mike Ogilvie and Kevin were clearly early front-runners and Jasmine’s relationship with Sickand has developed a bit more slowly than Lorimer’s romance with Wendt. Some thought that Mike was the likely winner this season, and his surprise elimination really shook things up. The relationship with Sickand may not have been as prominent this season in many senses, but fans of his point out that he has been featured consistently all along and likely could ultimately be a great fit for this Bachelorette Canada lead.

Previews for the finale show that there will be some heartbreaking moments during this last episode and tears will be shed. Fan banter over on the show’s Facebook page seems to lean toward Mikhel as the final rose recipient, or at the very least, the viewer’s pick as the best fit for Jasmine. While Lorimer has a strong connection to Wendt, many feel that his temperament could lead to problems in the relationship. On the other hand, Sickand has been consistent and reliable, but he would also represent a change in type for the Bachelorette Canada star and viewers are not sure if she will take that kind of leap.

The folks at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum have been closely following this season and they did manage to pin down Bachelorette Canada spoilers regarding which guys lasted the longest. There was a slight shake-up when it came to the final three and the late-season eliminations, but ultimately, they did pinpoint Mike, Mikhel, and Kevin as the last three bachelors ahead of the episodes with the hometowns and overnights airing.

Now the sleuths there have analyzed everything available looking for final rose spoilers, but it looks like arguments can still be made for both Sickand and Wendt to be Lorimer’s pick. There have been a few instances of people supposedly in the know in Wendt’s circle claiming online that Kevin wins, but those kinds of teasers can be unreliable do not necessarily pan out to be accurate.

The Bachelorette Canada spoilers from the preview have made it clear that there will be more drama between Jasmine and Kevin during this finale, and some think that Wendt’s temperament being highlighted on-screen points away from him snagging that last rose. On the other hand, he is getting an edit of a contestant who has some challenges to overcome and his relationship with Lorimer has been riskier and more passionate than what she’s had with Mikhel, signs that could point to him being Jasmine’s pick.


On the other hand, arguments can be made for Sickand to be the last man standing too. Some viewers think that the preview lighting hints at him arriving second at the final rose ceremony, a position that is almost always good news for that contestant. Other sleuths have analyzed music played during various interactions with Jasmine, social media activity, and possible hints from Lorimer since the last rose ceremony was filmed, and there do seem to be a fair number of signs that point toward Kevin outlasting Mikhel.

Will Jasmine’s final rose go to the guy who is perhaps a safer, more mellow choice, or will it go to the passionate guy who is generally more Lorimer’s type? There apparently have been some rumors swirling that the Bachelorette Canada star might already be living in the Toronto area where Wendt is based, but people will have to wait until the finale to hear from the lead herself what her plans are regarding her relationship and what comes next.

Do you think that Jasmine Lorimer’s final rose will go to Kevin Wendt or Mikhel Sickand? The Bachelorette Canada Season 1 finale airs Tuesday night and fans cannot wait to see how these last decisions play out and find out whether the final couple is still together, happy, and making plans for the future.

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