Tamra Judge Maintains She’s Not As Bad As Vicki Gunvalson And Kelly Dodd

Is Tamra Judge really different from her co-stars Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd? Early on in Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra tried to make nice with both Vicki and Kelly. While some of the other women, particularly Shannon Beador, wanted nothing to do with Vicki and Kelly, Tamra tried to be the mediator when conflict arose.

Tamra seemed willing to forgive Vicki for whatever role she played in her ex Brook Ayers’ cancer drama last season and explained that Kelly’s outbursts were probably due to a painful situation at home. Yet, by the end of the season, Tamra was firmly against Vicki and Kelly due to their loose lips. On the reunion show, Tamra joined Shannon and Heather Dubrow in criticizing Vicki and Kelly over their behavior.

Prior to the airing of part three of the reunion show on Monday night, Tamra posted a photo of a moment during filming. With the photo’s caption, she gave a preview of some of the crazy comments that viewers were going to hear on the show and asked fans to leave comments discussing their favorite line.

In response to Tamra’s photo and question, many viewers left comments not just about what their favorite line was but in regard to the latest season and reunion show in general. One viewer left a comment telling Tamra that she needs to take some responsibility for what happened over the season and that she’s not much different from those she complains about.

“h_howard66: You have to take some responsibility @tamrajudge you are not much different to those you complain about”

Tamra disagreed with the viewer. Tamra wrote that she’s absolutely different in that she doesn’t spread vicious rumors about people and doesn’t create storylines to be relevant, an obvious reference to Vicki and Kelly.

“tamrajudge: @h_howard66 I’m absolutely different. I do not spread vicious rumors about people. I don’t make up story lines to be relevant. Sorry”

Tamra also made fun of Kelly for thinking too highly of herself. In response to another viewer who wrote that Kelly has it wrong because everyone actually loves Heather Dubrow but hates her, Tamra wrote that it’s sad Kelly actually believes it that everyone loves her.

“mrs.goldson12: Kelly had it wrong… Everyone loves Heather because she tells it how it is and everyone HATES Kelly. I wouldn’t be sad if she didn’t come back next season

“tamrajudge@mrs.goldson12: it’s sad but in her head she really thinks everyone loves her”

On part three of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, Shannon Beador confronted Vicki Gunvalson about saying that she was physically abused by her husband, David Beador. Tamra Judge also confronted Vicki about saying that her husband, Eddie Judge, might be gay.

In an earlier episode, it came out that Vicki had told Kelly Dodd that David “beat the s**t” out of Shannon and that there are rumors that Eddie is gay. Not surprisingly, both Shannon and Tamra immediately lashed out at Vicki for saying such things to Kelly. Both Shannon and Tamra also denied Vicki’s claims.

On the reunion show, Vicki remained defiant. Despite Shannon and Tamra maintaining that Vicki lied, Vicki refused to admit that she told any lies. Even when host Andy Cohen asked Vicki if she told Kelly that she heard the rumor that Eddie is gay, Vicki said that she doesn’t know if it’s true or not.

“No I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

When Tamra started criticizing Vicki, Gunvalson hit back.

“You trashed me for three years!”

Tamra retaliated by calling Vicki an “old lady.”

Things got even more emotional when Shannon gave her account of what happened the night she ended up covered in bruises. In tears, Shannon explained that David didn’t hit her but that she hurt herself.

“Vicki, are you making reference to the time when I texted you I had a huge bruise here [right shoulder] and here [right hip], right before I went to Hawaii?…Right when I found out about the affair, this is 2 1/2 years ago, my husband and I sent our kids to Tennessee so that we could go to Hawaii. We went out to dinner, I either had too much to drink or I was slipped something. My husband found me, I walked out of the bar, he found me with rips on my knees and blood on my pants, nine blocks from where we were. I walked out without my purse, nothing. I don’t remember what happened but David didn’t know what was going on…and locked himself in Adeline’s room and I tried to barge through the door to get in…my husband did not beat me!”

Shannon added that if David really did beat her, she wouldn’t have had a bruise just on her right shoulder and another one on her right hip.

Vicki didn’t buy it. She chimed in that Shannon Beador was scared for her life.

“Listen, I hope it’s not true, when you called me screaming for your life, I hope it’s not true.”

“It’s not a rumor,” Vicki replied when Tamra Judge criticized her for spreading such a damaging rumor.

In another moment, Heather Dubrow took Kelly to task for her outrageous behavior and statements. When Heather said at one point that what Kelly says makes her unlikable, Kelly said that the whole world likes her.

“Really? I think the whole world likes me.”

Until the very end, Vicki maintained that she didn’t lie about anything, although she did admit that she was wrong to repeat the information to Kelly Dodd. Vicki outright said that she shouldn’t have told Kelly what she herself had been told.

“My biggest regret is talking to Kelly when the season first started about some things that I had been told. I should’ve kept them quiet…I made a mistake, because I was hurt and I wanted to hurt them. It’s the truth. I was hurt.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, during and after the conclusion of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show aired, Vicki Gunvalson maintained on social media that she’s not a liar.

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