Scheana Shay On Lala Kent: Why Scheana Forgave Kristen Doute Over Lala Kent

Scheana Shay has changed her friendships over the past couple of years while filming Vanderpump Rules. When Shay first started filming the show, she was on the outside of the main cast because she had been transferred from Villa Blanca. She was also labeled as a home-wrecker for having a relationship with a married man. However, Scheana left the relationship behind and started dating a high school friend named Mike Shay. The two are now married, and Scheana is looking at her friendships with a critical eye.

According to a new tweet, Scheana Shay was slammed after she forgave Kristen for her behavior last year, but then not giving Lala Kent a chance to apologize. Lala took Scheana aside to talk to her on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules because she wanted to know what went wrong between them. But Shay quickly brushed her off, hinting that she had no interest in talking to Kent at all about their friendship. And now, fans want to know why she was so dismissive.

“Why won’t you talk to Lala when Kristen was bashing Ariana and u still talked 2 Kristen – & Ariana was ur best friend then,” one person wrote to Scheana Shay in a now-deleted tweet, to which Scheana replied, “Kristen and I have 7 1/2 years of history. Way different than a girl I was friends with for 3 mos.”

It sounds like Scheana wants to give long-term friendships a chance if something goes wrong. Last year, Shay stayed friends with her even though Kristen kept bashing Ariana Madix when Ariana and Scheana were close friends. It sounds like Shay was forgiving Kristen because they had been friends for so long, and she was hurt after losing Tom Sandoval. However, Katie Maloney is upset with Lala for various reasons but she’s using the whole married boyfriend argument as a reason not to talk to her. But can Scheana use that same reason, as she once dated a married man?


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“Didn’t you sleep with someone else’s husband?” one person replied, adding in a separate tweet, “Oh, and Katie sure seemed to have your back.. not.”

When Scheana Shay started working at SUR, she had broken up with Eddie Cibrian, who had been married to Brandi Glanville. At the time, Scheana’s role on Vanderpump Rules crossed over with Brandi’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. People were really curious as to how Scheana could be so forgiving to some people but so critical toward Lala, especially since they have the “married boyfriend” label in common.

“What about Ariana? She was your bff & you remained friends with Kristen.. What’s different now? Guess Katie is more important,” one person pointed out about Shay’s justification about why she chose to forgive Kristen Doute and not accepting Lala’s apology, while another person added, “And in that 7.5 yrs of history with Kristen and pals, how many were a misery to you? Just sad your behavior.”

Some viewers were so disappointed with her Vanderpump Rules behavior that they threatened to leave negative reviews about her in hopes of getting her fired. But Shay isn’t too concerned about her job, as Lisa Vanderpump knows what she has in her employees and she doesn’t take negative reviews online too seriously.

“If Scheana Shay were my waitress at SUR I would probably leave a negative Yelp review #JustBeingHonest #VPump,” one person wrote to Scheana Shay about giving her a negative review as a server, but Shay wasn’t too worried about her job, writing, “Get in line. Negative reviews of the cast aren’t considered in our scheduling.”

Do you think Scheana Shay made a mistake in forgiving Kristen Doute but not giving Lala Kent the time of day?

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