Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer Reveals There Is More To The Story About Son Collin

The drama between Kate and Jon Gosselin has been pretty bad ever since their divorce, but things really seem to be heating up now. Not long ago it was revealed that Kate sent their son Collin to live somewhere that he could get help for his anger issues. Kate didn’t share a lot about what was going on, and Jon Gosselin has made it very clear that he has no idea at all where his son is at right now. Now Us Magazine is sharing that Jon’s lawyer says there is more to the story about where Collin is at and it looks like they are hoping to get answers.

Now that is almost time for Kate Plus 8 to return; Kate Gosselin is speaking out in interviews about her son. She went on Good Morning America on Monday, November 21, and confirmed once again that Collin is seeking treatment for behavioral issues. They didn’t hold back and did ask Kate Gosselin about the fact that Jon says he doesn’t know where Colin is at right now. Here is what she revealed.

“We are both court ordered not to speak about the care and custody of our children in detail. I’ve known all along where [Collin] is, but the world doesn’t know, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Jon Gosselin’s lawyer is confirming that the court order exists. Of course, right now Jon isn’t allowed to say much, but his lawyer is sharing a bit about what is going on.

“Jon is bound by the court order. Needless to say, certain comments and statements that are being made are very upsetting to Jon, but given his obligation to the court order, there is not much he can do right now.”

The lawyer also said that Jon is “very upset by certain statements made to the press” and that he feels “the whole story is not being told.” As the Inquisitr shared before, Jon Gosselin says that he has no idea where his son is at right now. He said, “I have an idea where he is, but I don’t really know where he is. I mean, I ask, but she doesn’t tell me. She doesn’t answer any of my texts.”

In this new interview, Kate Gosselin said that she doesn’t really pay attention to what Jon has to say. It is obvious that the two are not getting along well at all. Jon shared not long ago that he never knows what kids he will get to see, it is just whoever gets off the bus at his house. The older two girls have made the choice not to visit their dad. At this time, Jon and Kate Gosselin still share physical custody of their kids.

E! Online shared that Kate and Jon have had a bumpy road ever since they divorced. The couple was married for ten years, but they have now been divorced for seven. Their show actually started airing in April of 2007, and at the time, they were happily married. In her 2010 book I Just Want You to Know, Kate shared about how the money really helped their family.

“Groceries came exactly when we needed them, we had a ‘shoe angel’ who got us through numerous seasons by providing eight pairs of shoes, we received clothing and even Christmas presents from viewers of our show. Everything was always taken care of.”

In 2009, Jon and Kate Gosselin revealed that they were separating. Ever since, the two have been in the headlines for not getting along. It has not been easy and doesn’t look like things are getting any better.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon Gosselin still doesn’t know where Collin is at? Do you think that Kate should explain to him what is going on with their son? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Kate Plus 8 when it returns to TLC.

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