Duggar Family Secrets: What Fans Can Expect To Be Revealed On Season 3 Of ‘Counting On’

The Duggar family is constantly making headlines for one thing or another. In 2015, the breaking news was about their eldest son and a hidden police report that was released over a decade later. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried to shield their family from the world once the scandal broke. While they did a good job for the most part, Josh Duggar dug himself an even bigger hole. He had been living his life under the guise of a pure Christian man living solely for his wife and children. That image was shattered as his name was released with the Ashley Madison hack.

Initially, the Duggar family was canceled from the TLC network. Fans were in an uproar over the decision, and once the network realized that the money wasn’t coming in without the family, a revamped show was put out. Jill & Jessa: Counting On was born and ran a few episodes in 2015 and then came back as Counting On in 2016. Season 2 just ended and Season 3 was announced for January 2017. According to International Business Times, the Duggar family will be revealing a lot more on the next season than they have in the last year. Fans were made aware of a new courting situation, and another new baby is on the way.

Jordyn & Josie enjoying sweet moments with Daddy!

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo just married Jeremy Vuolo on the Season 2 finale of Counting On. The Duggar family were all in attendance for the event, including her oldest brother, Josh. There wasn’t a lot of footage shown from the wedding planning part, but that will be front and center on Season 3. The network wanted to rope more people into the show, so they featured the wedding with the Duggar family as the finale instead of doing a separate special and letting things play out in sequence.

Jessa Duggar Seewald announced to her family that she was expecting another baby with husband, Ben Seewald. They set it up so that all of the siblings were together for the announcement. Jessa has hinted that she could possibly be carrying twins, and in the promo for Season 3 of Counting On, Jill Duggar Dillard also plays around with the possibility when they are doing a heartbeat check. At this point, fans are inclined to believe there is only one baby for Jessa, but with the slim chance there are two, everyone will be incredibly happy for her and her family.


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Another courting endeavor is beginning for the Duggar family. Joy-Anna is in a courtship with Austin Forsyth. It was announced at the tail end of Jinger’s wedding and has allegedly been in place for a few months. Rumors are circulating that Joy-Anna and Austin have been courting since August at the very least. Their adventures will be documented for the new season as well. A lot happened in the few months that have passed, and by the time the show airs, more information will be available about where the Duggar family stands now. Could Joy-Anna be engaged in the next few months?

Counting On was confirmed to come back in January but without an official date. The Duggar family is busy enjoying the new life changes that have set in. Jinger Vuolo is living with her new husband; Jessa Seewald will be welcoming another baby, and Jill and Derick Dillard are still in Arkansas for the time being. A lot of changes have occurred in the last two years, and yet, so much has stayed the same. The Duggar family is enjoying their time on Counting On right now and sharing all of their wonderful family moments with the rest of the world.

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