Jerry Sandusky Transferred To State Prison

Jerry Sandusky was transferred to state prison on Tuesday, leaving behind the Center County jail he has inhabited since his conviction in June on child molestation charges.

A state prison system spokeswoman confirmed the 68-year-old former Penn State assistant coach had arrived at the State Correctional Institute at Camp Hill early Tuesday morning. The prison, which lies just outside Harrisburg, houses approximately 3,400 inmates.

At Camp Hill, Jerry Sandusky will undergo a week or more of testing and evaluation before being given a security risk level and sent to one of the state facilities to serve his sentence. Experts at the prison will assess his physical health, mental state, and education level.

They’ll also determine whether he needs medical treatment. Sandusky’s lawyer, Karl Rominger, noted that Sandusky has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP machine. Speaking to the Associated Press, Rominger said:

“I have some concerns about his medical needs and we’re going to be taking a careful look at that to make sure they’re being addressed.”

Earlier this month, Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years for the sexual abuse of ten boys over a 15-year period. After repeatedly asserting his innocence throughout his trial, the former football coach presented a letter to the trial judge accusing his numerous victims of being “ungrateful liars.”

Last week, Sandusky filed post-sentencing motions in a bid to have his convictions thrown out or a new trial.

Rominger informed the Associated Press that he was waiting on the decisions of Judge John Cleland and state prosecutors over the latest defense motions. Should the judge rule against Sandusky, the defense will have a month in which to appeal to Superior Court.

Pennsylvania’s prison system contains around 6,800 sex offenders, and there is no way to predict where Jerry Sandusky will be sent. His time inside — likely to be the rest of his life — will not see Sandusky separated from other prisoners. Corrections Department does not maintain special units for sex offenders.

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