‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 847: Carrot And Chopper Exploit Mirror World To Save Luffy And Nami, While Pedro And Brooke Steal Poneglyphs? [Spoilers]

Chapter 847 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece promises to be packed with exciting events. While the entire Straw Hats gang is on Big Mom’s Whole Cake Island, each member is currently in a unique predicament. Moreover, with Sanji’s wedding with Lady Pudding fast approaching, the pirate gang has very little time to regroup, and escape from Big Mom’s “Army of Rage.”

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 846 spoilers and Chapter 847 speculations ahead]

Mangaka Eiichiro Oda has managed to bring all members of Straw Hats pirates on Whole Cake Island. However, the gang is currently separated. In the earlier chapters, Luffy D. Monkey and Nami were found by the enraged army deployed by Big Mom. Despite being tired and hurt from his fight with Sanji, Luffy tried to battle the Chess Barbarian army. But as expected, several powerful commanders proved too much for him. Moreover, Big Mom’s vivre card, which Nami had in her possession, was snatched away from her reported Yonkou Productions.

With no defenses left, Luffy and Nami were easily overpowered. Surprisingly, the army did not annihilate the duo. The previous chapter revealed that Sanji had struck a deal with Big Mom to ensure the lives of all Straw Hats members are to be spared. In return, Sanji would have to marry Lady Pudding and never try to put up a fight. Interestingly, even before Charlotte Linlin’s peace offering, Lady Pudding had convinced Black Leg and promised that marriage with her won’t be another hell for him. Instead, she offered to be his savior. Hence, when Big Mom asked him, Sanji gladly accepted the deal and promised he would make Pudding the “happiest girl alive.”

In exchange for Sanji’s complete cooperation, Big Mom promised to allow all the Straw Hats members to live and leave Whole Cake Island. However, she did note that the pirate gang had created quite a ruckus, and under normal circumstances, would have never spared such behavior. She made it amply clear that the nuptials are her top priority because she wants control of the Germa 66 army that the Vinsmoke clan currently commands.

Meanwhile, the security detail of the Room of Offerings has been substantially beefed up, reported Vine Report. While Lady Smoothie complains about the move, Tamago explains Big Mom is rightly concerned about the safety of the poneglyphs. The previous chapter revealed Big Mom is in possession of two poneglyphs and one road poneglyph. These powerful stones, containing ancient messages inscribed in strange hieroglyphs, are considered extremely valuable by the pirates. These stones reveal locations of ancient and powerful weapons. In essence, any pirate in possession of the stones, is well on his way to becoming a pirate king.

Interestingly, Pedro and Brooke, who have been hiding in the adjoining alcohol storage room, are acutely aware of the importance of poneglyps,and are planning one of the most daring heists they ever pulled. However, the increased security is a cause of great concern. Since Tamago is on the lookout for Pedro, Brooke suggests Pedro should become bait, while he steals the Red Stones for Luffy.

Oda hasn’t revealed much about Carrot and Chopper for quite a few chapters. The duo has remained trapped in Brulee’s Mirror World for a long time now. However, being in the world of reflective surfaces for such a long time has allowed the duo to closely observe how the world works. In the earlier chapters, Carrot had managed to communicate with Nami, but the connection got severed abruptly.

The Mirror World connects to every reflective surface on the Whole Cake Island. If Carrot and Chopper can avoid Brulee, they can keep an eye on everything that is happening on the island. It is possible they are aware that Luffy and Nami are currently being held captive on Big Mom’s instructions. If they can pull the duo into the Mirror World, Carrot and Chopper could help each and every member of the Straw Hats gang. Unfortunately, Sanji appears committed to Lady Pudding and could go through with the wedding, much to the Luffy’s chagrin.

One Piece manga Chapter 847 is expected to be released without a break. Will Sanji wed Pudding? Will Luffy manage to escape the clutches of the enraged army? Will Pedro and Brooke manage to pull off their daring heist? Hopefully, mangaka Oda answers these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter.

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