Kanye West Nervous Breakdown: Amber Rose To The Rescue After Kanye’s Rants Make Her Nervous About His Health

Kanye West’s nervous breakdown and rants are making his ex, Amber Rose, nervous about the rapper. Even though there was bad blood between the two after their relationship breakdown when Kanye hooked up with Kim Kardashian, Rose still wants to help the Kardashian-Wests get through their latest trouble.

Amber hasn’t exactly made peace with the Kardashian clan, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see her ex breakdown any more, and she definitely doesn’t want to see the rants get so bad that Kanye is hospitalized.

According to Hollywood Life, Rose is so “worried” after Kanye’s rants lately that she might be planning to reach out to Kim Kardashian. She’s reportedly “considering giving Kim Kardashian a call!”

Amber must be more than nervous if she’s thinking about chatting with her rival Kim. There’s some good reasons for her anxiety about Kim’s husband, and she isn’t the only one feeling nervous over the rapper as Kanye cancels tour dates and goes on rants during his concerts.

“In a matter of 72 hours,” West has broken all the rules, including his “bizarre rant” shading his friends Jay Z and Beyonce, followed by a totally unexpected concert cancellation. CNN reports that West cut his Sacramento, California show short, called off the LA Concert in his “Saint Pablo Tour,” then canceled all the Saint Pablo Tour dates, without any explanation except to say that he was suffering “exhaustion.”

That claim of exhaustion on top of Kanye’s rants is what really got his ex-girlfriend’s attention, and she says it’s time for her to “knock some sense” into Kanye before he has a complete breakdown and ends up in the hospital. There’s no obvious reason the rapper should be tired to such a degree that he can’t do the “Saint Pablo Tour” dates, and as far as Rose is concerned, the rants and weird behavior generally mean that Kanye must be on the edge of a really bad nervous breakdown.

A Kanye insider revealed that his ex wants to help any way she can, including working with Kim.

“Kanye’s looking, sounding and acting like he’s on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown and Amber is coming to the rescue offering to help.”

Amber isn’t acting just on her own either. People know that Amber is more approachable, and has a clearer head about Kanye, than any of the Kardashians, even Kim. West’s rants have got people “asking Amber what the hell is going on with her ex.”

Rose doesn’t know why Kanye’s rants have gotten so extreme, why he canceled the “Saint Pablo Tour” dates, what exactly is wrong with him, or if West really is having a nervous breakdown. She’s determined to find out, though, and that’s why Amber is willing to talk to Kim to ask “permission to knock some sense into him.”

Amber Rose calling Kim Kardashian to talk about some Kanye West damage control: that sounds like it’s going to be a really intense conversation! It must be a “serious” situation if Amber is willing to get take a step like that.

She is willing, says the insider, but also feeling a bit nervous about it.

“Amber doesn’t want to overstep her bounds but damn, Ye needs help!”

People in the know agree. When West and Rose were together, West “was always well behaved and on his grind.” He wasn’t such a “piece of work” the way he’s been with Kim. All the crazy sounding rants and strange behavior started later, once he was married to Kime.

“She always kept his a** together and in check, and he didn’t go off the rail like he is doing now. He needs to be slapped with a reality check and have her let him know a thing or two about himself and Amber’s that girl.”

If his ex does decide to go after Kanye, TMZ has some advice. The news site writes that the rapper is still coping with Kim Kardashian’s robbery experience, as well as working around the clock on his fashion design, and being on the road for the “Saint Pablo Tour.” Their source says that Kanye really is going through some nervous exhaustion and just needs some down time with Kim and the kids.

“All the time spent away from his family has been a stress on him as well. They are most important to him.”

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