Kyle Richards Family: Why ‘RHOBH’ Star’s Mother-In-Law Is Embarrassing Some People

Kyle Richards is gearing up for another dramatic season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she knows that this season will be dramatic, as Richards has already publicly said that she’s not a big fan of Eden Sassoon — the newest housewife of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When Brandi Glanville was on the show, Kyle was fighting with her. Last season, she confronted Lisa Vanderpump and this season, it sounds like she’s arguing with Eden. Now, Kyle is making headlines, because her mother-in-law is getting a little aggressive on Twitter over the recent presidential election. And apparently, some people think that Kyle’s mother-in-law is downright crazy.

According to a new tweet, Kyle Richards didn’t exactly partake in the discussion on Twitter, but Gregg Bennett from The Real Housewives of New Jersey revealed that Kyle should probably delete her mother-in-law’s Twitter account.

“Kyle Richards needs to take her mother in law’s phone away. How embarrassing,” Gregg Bennett tweeted, sharing a tweet from Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law, Dr. Estella Sneider.

Apparently, Estella had been tweeting with people, who are Hillary Clinton supporters. Of course, Twitter arguments over the presidential candidates are nothing new, as they have occurred on a daily basis since the presidential election played out earlier this month. And of course, Estella’s political stance has nothing to do with Kyle Richards. Richards hasn’t talked about who she voted for if she voted, but California was a Clinton state.


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“You are an educated woman. Look at the exit polls and vote count. It’s simple MATH. Add it up and let me know if it makes sense,” one person wrote to Estella, who replied with, “WE shall see final Count mid December! Regardless Trump Won by landslide the Electoral Vote, which takes into consideration the whole USA!”

And the conversation didn’t stop there. The conversation continued, and it sounds like Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law got a little heated, as her tweets quickly switched over the caps lock. And it was this particular tweet in caps lock that had Gregg asking Estella to remove her Twitter account.

“Yes we shall see. And it will clearly show how he won, dirty as always throughout his whole life. Once a fraud, always a fraud,” one person wrote, clearly criticizing Donald Trump as a president, to which Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law replied, “YES EXACTLY EXACTLY GET EDUCATED ABOUT FRAUD, CRIMINAL,LIAR #HILLARYCLINTON! CRAZY HOW CAN ANYONE SUPPORT SUCH A CRIME FAMILY!”

While people took a serious tone on Estella’s tweets, people were a bit more light-hearted on Gregg’s tweet. One person even pointed out how crazy Kyle’s mother-in-law looked on Twitter when she felt it was necessary to use the caps lock to get the point across. Of course, Gregg may have tweeted about Richards’ family member as a joke, but it surely hit home.

“I think both candidates were just as bad as the other. Just in different way,” one person wrote to Bennett, while another pointed out, “He wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration (just like leaders in EVERY country!)nothing against LEGAL immigrants!”

“This woman sounds looney. Who uses all CAPS?” one person pointed out about Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law, while another person added, “The Hilton’s supported Trump! Bet my last donut the whole family will be at the inauguration. Crazy.”

What do you think about Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law getting aggressive on Twitter over politics? Do you think she’s just sharing her opinion or do you think things are getting out of control?

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