Britney Spears, Tinashe Talk About Their Hot New Video ‘Slumber Party’

Britney Spears and Tinashe got their fans hot and bothered when they premiered their new music video for “Slumber Party” On Friday, Nov. 18. The sexy new video shows the girls dancing around in their lingerie and getting cozy with both men and women.

More details about “Slumber Party” are slowly coming out. Both Britney Spears and Tinashe are talking about the making of the video, and it was like to work with each other. In a new radio interview, Tinashe talked about how the “Slumber Party” video came together and how the pop princess took over and directed Tinashe on the set. She also admitted that it was Spears who came up with the shoe toss.

Check out Tinashe’s interview in the tweet below.

Britney also shared her latest thoughts on the finished video, directed by Colin Tilley. In an interview with MTV, Spears explained what it was like to work with Tinashe.

“We were going for an Eyes Wide Shut theme. The vibe was what you see in the video. Amazing costumes, energy, dancing, and people. We were filming a music video that portrays an incredible party, and that’s what it felt like on set.”

The “Make Me” singer also said Tinashe caught her eye on social media and that’s how the two came about working on this collaboration. Spears also hinted that she would like to work more with the “On 2” singer soon.

“Tinashe is so sweet. I just always see my fans talking about her online, and it just made so much sense to collaborate on this song. She was amazing, and would love to find another way to work together in the future!”

The rest of Britney’s interview with MTV should be published soon. Tinashe previously stated in her latest interview that she had expressed her adoration for Spears, which is how the legendary pop princess took notice. Back in 2011, she wrote on Twitter, “umm.. @britneyspears just tweeted my video. I thin[k] I just died and went to heaven.”

Tinashe Wonderland LIVE
Tinashe enjoyed her slumber party with Britney Spears. [Image by Shropshire/Getty Images for MTV]

The two first teased their collaboration last month, as reported via Rolling Stone. Tinashe took to Instagram to share a cozy photo of the two together, along with the caption, “The fact you make when the rumors are true and you collabed with your idol & basically your whole life is a dream so you keep it cute for Brit but inside you are wigless and dead.” Review the evidence on both of their Instagram pages below.

Tinashe previously teased a photo of herself from inside the recording studio. Fans quickly noticed that she was actually inside Spears’ recording studio. Rumors of Tinashe and Spears collaborating quickly surfaced after she posted the following photo on Instagram, according to Fact Magazine.

Also, last month, Spears was coy when she talked about her new music video with Mario Lopez for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, as reported via

“We just did the video,” Spears admitted. “It’s kind of like a younger Eyes Wide Shut theme. So, it’s kind of a little risqué. It’s very sexy, it’s very moody…and it’s fun! It’s fun.”

Lopez then asked Spears if the song was directly inspired by her own slumber parties. She said that she was single at the moment.

“No slumber parties…no one special at the moment,” the singer said.

Watch the original trailer for Eyes Wide Shut in the video below.

Now, watch the “Slumber Party” music video featuring Britney Spears and Tinashe.

Let us know your thoughts. Did Spears’ new music video live up to your expectations? Do you agree that it fits the theme? Sound off below in the comments section.

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