Chris Soules On 'Edge Of Tears' In 911 Call, Disappears From Instagram After Speaking Out In Media Statement

Chris Soules was reportedly on the "edge of tears" in a newly released 911 call and disappeared from Instagram, after speaking out via a media statement, one day after causing a fatal hit-and-run accident.

According to E! Online on Tuesday, Chris Soules, 35, completely deleted his Instagram account, nearly 24 hours after allegedly leaving the scene of an accident near his home in rural Iowa on Monday.

The report goes on to say that other social media accounts belonging to Chris Soules remained active as of Tuesday evening, but the Instagram account, with over 700,000 followers, had been replaced with a "sorry, this page isn't available" message.

People Magazine confirmed that Chris Soules had left Instagram, following his arrest early Tuesday morning for causing a fatal car accident late Monday that left his 66-year-old neighbor, Kenny Mosher, dead.

Former Bachelor star, Chris Soules, was charged with "leaving the scene of a fatality motor vehicle accident," a class D felony, as previously reported by Fox News.

A statement issued by the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office reads that further charges against Chris Soules may be pending, due to an ongoing investigation.

Not yet known is why Chris Soules deleted his Instagram account, but cyber-bullying may have played a role, as shown by his still-active, but less popular, Facebook account.

Chris Soules' official Facebook profile has less than 200,000 followers, but is now filled with "cruel comments" and "cyber-bullying" from Bachelor fans who can't believe Soules left the scene of the fatal accident on Monday to reportedly "hide in his house" for hours to "sober up," following reports that alcohol may have been involved.

"When you cause injury to someone, you don't walk away. You do everything in your power to help them. The facts are, he hit the tractor and sent it into the ditch. And the man on the tractor died as a result," said one comment by user Nancy Stovering on a recent Facebook post.

The Iowa State Patrol said that Chris Soules allegedly took off on Monday, just before 8:30 p.m., after his white Chevy pickup truck rear-ended a John Deere tractor near Aurora, Iowa, that was being driven by his neighbor and fellow Iowa farmer, Kenneth E. Mosher.

The John Deere reportedly went into a ditch, flipped over, and killed Mosher, a lifelong Iowan, father, grandfather, and Vietnam veteran, who's now being remembered by friends and family as a "great guy who farmed a lot and loved to golf," according to KWWL.

"When I heard the sirens and read the details, I was really hoping it was someone I didn't know. Unfortunately, in a small community, everyone knows everyone. Kenny will be missed," said one neighbor and friend, Margie Lau.

Police reportedly had to get a search warrant early Tuesday morning, shortly after 1 a.m., to enter the home of Chris Soules in Arlington, Iowa, about 15 miles south of where the fatal accident occurred.

Chris Soules "left the scene and was later handcuffed at 1:16 a.m. in his hometown of Arlington," as noted by Us Weekly.

Attorneys for Chris Soules, Sean and Molly Spellman, released a public statement from the ex-Bachelor contestant on Tuesday, following an appearance in front of a judge, according to Refinery29.

Chris Soules said via the media statement that he was "devastated to learn that Kenneth Mosher, the other person in the accident, passed away." Soules, who went on to say that "his thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mosher's family."

Radar Online reported that Chris Soules' ex-fiancée from Season 19 of The Bachelor, Whitney Bischoff, 31, also issued a comment that reads, "This is a very sad situation. I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, especially the victim and his family."

Although, "investigators found alcoholic beverages or containers at the scene," according to Yahoo! Finance, Chris Soules was not charged with driving under the influence.

According to People Magazine, in a newly-released 911 call, Chris Soules can be heard "on the edge of tears," winded, and breathing heavily as he tells the 911 dispatcher on Monday night, following the accident, that he had checked Kenny Mosher's pulse, adding that Mosher was bleeding from the mouth.

Chris Soules became a fan-favorite on Season 10 of The Bachelorette in 2014, and later appeared on The Bachelor in 2015, as a 33-year-old fourth-generation farmer from Arlington, Iowa.

ET Online reported that Chris Soules, who calls himself an "Iowa farm boy," often shared photos of John Deere tractors and his 2008 Chevrolet Silverado on his now-defunct Instagram account.

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