WWE News, Spoilers: Will Goldberg Or Brock Lesnar Show Up On ‘Raw’? Big Title Match Set, Fallout From ‘Survivor Series’

Last night, WWE brought forth one of its “big four” pay-per-view events of the year in Survivor Series, and it delivered some shocking results. The two brands battled for brand supremacy. Title matches took place but didn’t change hands. The Shield reunited, even though it was brief. Then, there was Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, which shocked virtually everyone watching. What about now, though? What will happen tonight on Monday Night Raw?

WWE’s official website released their preview for tonight’s Monday Night Raw, and it is going to feature all of the fallout from Survivor Series. Along with that, a big title match has already been announced to take place, but will either of the giants show their face after their shocking match?

Fantasy turned reality

Twelve years ago, Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX and then disappeared from the ring. Last night, the result was exactly the same, except that the match lasted less than two minutes and left the “Beast Incarnate” laying out cold on the mat.

wwe News spoilers Goldberg Brock lesnar survivor series results Monday night raw
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Word is that Goldberg had been injured on Raw last week and that he had a tweaked shoulder going into his match last night. Maybe that is the reason WWE had the match go so quickly, or perhaps it is because he’s sticking around a bit longer.

Wrestling Inc. reports that Goldberg has agreed to a new deal with WWE that will have him working the Royal Rumble in January. It will be interesting to see if either man decides to show his face tonight on Raw even though only one should be proud enough to do so.

Last men standing

Raw showed its brand supremacy in two of the elimination-style tag team matches last night, including the big 20-man bout. Tag teams from Raw and SmackDown Live competed against one another with just a single team standing tall at the end — Cesaro and Sheamus.

After they were the lone survivors in the match, Raw general manager Mick Foley rewarded them by giving them a shot at the tag titles held by The New Day, Sportskeeda reported. Cesaro and Sheamus tried to win the titles last month at Hell in a Cell and failed, but this time, they may have momentum on their side.

Strong as its weakest link

Raw had another big victory at Survivor Series when the women’s team took out those from SmackDown Live, with Charlotte Flair and Bayley being the survivors. After the match was over, though, the champion took out Bayley and beat her down in the center of the ring.

wwe News spoilers Goldberg Brock lesnar survivor series results Monday night raw
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It appears as if the next feud for the Raw Women’s Championship has been set as these two former NXT enemies are ready to meet again.

List this!

Chris Jericho didn’t have a great night at Survivor Series as his close friend Kevin Owens was disqualified for using “The List of Jericho” as a weapon. Later on in the match, Jericho was eliminated after receiving an RKO from Randy Orton that sent him to the back.

Someone is likely going to end up on Jericho’s list, but will it be the reason that a “beautiful friendship” ends? Y2J was not happy with Owens for destroying his list, and it could come back to hurt Jeri-KO moving forward.

Give The Man his due

Even though Team Raw lost to Team SmackDown Live in the men’s elimination tag team match, there was an impressive showing from Seth Rollins. He was going to do whatever he could to prove to Stephanie McMahon, the person who recruited him for the team, that he deserved to be on it.

wwe News spoilers Goldberg Brock lesnar survivor series results Monday night raw
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When Stephanie put Rollins on the team, he let it be known that there were specific assurances made to him if he agreed to be a part of things. Even though he fought hard with his former brothers from The Shield, Rollins is going look out for him and likely confront Stephanie to get what is owed to him.

Monday Night Raw should bring about some answers to many questions that fans have, but they likely won’t fix everything. No one knows what is going to happen with Goldberg or Brock Lesnar after their shocking match. Cesaro and Sheamus hope their second chance at the tag titles held by The New Day is more successful. So many things could happen, but only time will tell as WWE presents its next chapter tonight.

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