Abby Lee Miller Is Done With 'Dance Moms,' But She May Want Another Reality TV Show

Abby Lee Miller may have quit Dance Moms, but that doesn't mean she wants to be done with reality TV for good. Although the ALDC owner is currently awaiting sentencing for tax fraud, Abby Lee Miller has been making quite a few moves lately. While talking about her decision to leave the popular Lifetime show, Abby admitted that she might have her eye on a different kind of reality show and in the meantime, she still has her YouTube channel.

Most recently, Abby Lee Miller went through a gastric sleeve procedure in an effort to lose weight. This is the same weight-loss surgery that another reality TV star, Mama June, recently had. Her show was chronicled on WEtv's Mama June: From Not to Hot, and it seems to have inspired Abby Lee to seek out a similar type of situation.

Abby Lee Miller wants to cash in on weight loss like Mama June

The Hollywood Gossip accuses Abby Lee Miller of being attracted to the huge amount of attention that Mama June Shannon received as a result of her incredible weight loss that was documented on her hit reality show. It's probably also safe to say that Abby Lee sees Mama June's comeback after TLC canceled her other hit Here Comes Honey Boo as something she could also do well.

When talking to Entertainment Tonight recently, Abby Lee talked about Mama June and her weight loss journey. She seems inspired or possibly envious of Mama June's body transition.

"I saw an interview with [Mama June] afterward," Abby Lee said. "She still sounds the same, though. Was that not nice? I tried to say that nicely."

Despite no longer being the Dance Moms leading lady, it looks like Abby Lee Miller hasn't lost her sense of snark. She still managed to shade Mama June while in awe of her weight loss and all of the attention that came along with it.

What would an Abby Lee Miller reality TV show be about?

Considering that Abby Lee Miller is on the same path to a svelte figure as Mama June, she certainly is thinking about how she can cash in on her new journey in the same way that the former TLC star did. After all, Abby Lee's tax fraud conviction isn't nearly as shameful as dating (or allegedly dating depending on who you believe) the man who went to prison for molesting one of your children.

However, there is still that pesky tax fraud conviction for Abby Lee to deal with. In January, Abby Lee Miller pleaded guilty to tax fraud after she was accused of trying to hide her Dance Moms income from the IRS. The former Dance Moms star was accused of filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and failing to reveal $775,000 in income earned between two of her reality shows. Abby Lee also was accused of bringing money in from Australia and not declaring it. She reportedly asked two friends to stuff $120,000 in their luggage when returning to the U.S. back in August of 2014.

Sentencing for Abby Lee Miller's tax fraud conviction is set for May 8. The former Dance Moms star could end up getting sentenced anywhere from 24 to 30 months in prison. Or, like many other famous names, she could end up not stepping foot in a prison cell. Her attorney is guessing that since no one got hurt or suffered losses, Abby Lee Miller probably won't get any jail time and if she does, it won't be more than six months.

In the meantime, Abby Lee has plenty of time to recover from her gastric sleeve weight-loss surgery. Pending the results of her sentencing, there may be a new Abby Lee Miller reality TV show to be filmed. Do you want to see the former Dance Moms star get her own show and use it to show her own weight loss journey and issues with food? Sound off in the comments section below.

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