WWE News: Injured Star Finn Balor Attacks Wrestler At Scotland Show

Finn Balor was in the run for a major push in the WWE when Monday Night Raw drafted him early in the brand split draft and then put the brand new WWE Universal Championship on him as the brand’s first champion after the split. However, Finn Balor injured his shoulder in the match with Seth Rollins for the title and has been out ever since.

Finn Balor is supposed to be out of the WWE until later in 2017, but something happened this weekend that might change people’s expectations of when he returns. Wrestling Inc reported that Finn Balor not only showed up at an Insane Championship Wrestling show in Scotland, but he ran in and got involved in a match.

The match at ICW Fear & Loathing IX saw Team Dallas take on The Black Label with the control of ICW on the line to the winners of the match. Finn Balor cut a promo earlier in the show and then ran down during the match.

Team Dallas consisted of Chris Renfrew, Grado, Sha Samuels, and DCT. Team Black Label consisted of Jack Jester, Kid Fite, Drew Galloway, and Bram. Most people will recognize a few of those names including Galloway, Bram, and Grado as members of the TNA Impact Wrestling roster.

The match saw Drew Galloway preparing to hit a move on a member of Team Dallas when Finn Balor ran into the ring wearing an ICW shirt. Galloway faced off with him while the announcers let fans know that Finn Balor was not cleared to return to the ring.

Finn Balor found himself surrounded by Drew Galloway and a pipe-wielding Jack Jester. However, Jester shocked the crowd when he turned and handed Finn Balor a pipe and left. Finn Balor smashed Drew Galloway with the pipe and Team Dallas won the match.

While the announcers mentioned that Finn Balor was still not cleared to return to the ring, he looked pretty good running in and swinging the pipe. However, it will take a lot more than that to compete in an actual WWE match, especially with how Finn Balor moves in the WWE ring.

The WWE had big plans for Finn Balor. He is undefeated in his main roster career, beating both Roman Reigns and Set Rollins and winning a multi-man match to even get into the title match for the WWE Universal Championship. Even after tearing his labrum in that match, Finn Balor won it anyway to take the title, only to forfeit it one night later due to injury.


ESPN reported that the list of injuries to Finn Balor included a 180-degree labrum tear, a torn bicep and pectoral tendon, cartilage damage, and a fracture to the glenoid neck socket. Finn Balor was not expected to be back even by WrestleMania next year. Finn Balor told Jim Ross the injury was worse than anyone thought.

“When they went in with the scope, they found, I guess, a labrum tear that was, like, 180 degrees, which was, like, twice as big as they expected. Plus, there were some bicep issues, some pectoral issues. There were actually some bones broken in there, so they were kind enough to give me the bones in a jar, which I have on my mantle right now.”

The hope was that Finn Balor would be back in the WWE by WrestleMania next year but after this run-in in Scotland, a Finn Balor WWE return might come sooner rather than later. Could a Royal Rumble appearance be in the cards?

[Featured Image by WWE]