Andy Cohen Spills The Tea On ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Guests In ‘Superficial’

Andy Cohen is the face of Bravo. He sits in on every single reunion show for the Housewives franchise, hosts his own late-night talk show, and is basically friends with every beautiful blonde in the New York City area. Because of his glamorous and fun lifestyle, Cohen decided to release a book detailing several of his encounters with celebrities. He isn’t afraid to spill the beans and he did just that in his newly-released book, Superficial.

Since being on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen has encountered his fair share of crazy celebrities. There have been racists, divas, down to Earth actors, and so much more. He has been having stars read excerpts from his book each night the show airs, and a lot has been revealed so far. According to Radar Online, Andy Cohen wrote about how bizarre Naomi Judd was when she was on his show in 2014. He also talks about encounters with Sofia Vergara, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett. With so much revealed, fans are surprised Cohen didn’t keep himself more protected from possible legal action.

Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen are really close friends. He has filled in on her show, Live! with Kelly several times. In fact, it was rumored that he would be taking over the spot Michael Strahan vacated earlier this year. Unfortunately, it was untrue. Cohen has no issues filling in here and there, but he said that he has his hands full with the Bravo network. It would have been fun to see the two banter back and forth every morning, but for now, fans would rather see him make things work on Watch What Happens Live and with the Housewives more than anything.

Right now, Andy Cohen is making his rounds for his book tour. It was just released last week but already, people are buzzing about all the juicy gossip in it. From encounters with A-list stars to random moments that happened behind the scenes at Watch What Happens Live, there is so much to talk about. He has lead such an interesting life up until this point and there is so much more potential for going beyond what he had imagined. This past weekend he was in Nashville and Atlanta, but he still will be to doing his show Sunday night.

One of the most interesting stories told in Superficial is when Andy Cohen ran into Taylor Swift at the Met Gala. He wrote about the encounter and how he tried to mend the broken relationship between her and Katy Perry. Their feud has been talked about for years and now, Cohen got to share his version of events. When he coyly mentioned that Perry was all alone and Swift should go say hi to her “friend,” things got a little tense. Taylor told Cohen she didn’t know who he was referring to by simply saying something along the lines of “Katy who?” and it was right then he knew he overstepped his boundaries with her.

As the days pass, Andy Cohen will likely be making more headlines as more people read his book. There is a lot to tell and with it being the good, the bad, and the ugly, the interest is high. Watch What Happens Live is quite popular among Bravo viewers and with some behind the scenes scoop, fans feel closer to the show. Being the face of Bravo is something unique and no one else can claim that title. Andy Cohen has worked hard to make the connections he has and to go the places he has gone, putting out a book was just the next step in his life that made sense.

[Featured Image by Donald Bowers/Getty Images]