Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 511: Lacarde Destroys Sting With Spell That Target Primal Desires Hunger And Sleep?

Managaka Hiro Mashima outlined quite a few epic confrontations in Chapter 511 of immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail. However, he also indicated a very saddening prophecy about the series’ protagonist, Natsu Dragneel.

[Warning: Fairy Tail manga Chapter 511 spoilers and 512 speculations are ahead]

Fairy Tail manga Chapter 511 continues with the potentially epic battle between Zeref and Mavis’ creation Lacarde, and leader of the Sabertooth Guild, Sting, reported Hall of Fame Magazine. In the previous chapter, Sting had found his way back to the battlefield right when all hope seemed lost for Kagura, who was easily defeated by Lacarde. Interestingly, Lacarde managed to subdue Kagura with his powerful light tentacles. However, the same attack had a very mild effect of Sting.

Sting clarified that anything “white” doesn’t have any effect on him. However, he is confused about the odor emanating from Lacarde. It is quite apparent that Sting arrived on the battlefield after getting a whiff of Natsu, and he even clarifies the same in the current chapter. However, he is bewildered to discover Natsu is nowhere to be found. Instead, a defeated and exhausted Kagura is lying on the floor along with Lector and Yukino.

Lector attempts to clarify that Lacarde shares the same last name, Dragneel, with Natsu, while Yukino adds that Natsu is Zeref’s younger brother, and the man standing before them is Zeref’s son. The sudden flow of information is too much for Sting. Dismissing the explanations, Sting wonders why Lacarde smells like Natsu and not Zeref, as he is supposed to be the dark mage’s son. He reasons that Natsu and Zeref both have “completely different smells.” Hence Lacarde smelling like Natsu is pretty astonishing to Sting.

As a cryptic explanation, Lacarde calmly says, “That’s because, in a sense, Natsu is also Zeref’s child.” While the explanation might sound confusing, in the previous chapters, Mashima had confirmed that Zeref had placed the E.N.D magic within Natsu. Hence, Lacarde’s clarification might imply that Natsu is a creation of Zeref, just like he is a creation of Zeref and Mavis, even though Zeref cannot procreate in the traditional way.

As expected, the explanation confuses Sting further. In the previous chapter, Lacarde had attempted to strike Sting with light tentacles. For reasons unknown, Lacarde tries the same attack, with similar results, and the same retort from his opponent. Managing to overpower the attack, Sting gets within striking distance of Lacarde, who is compelled to use brute force to push his opponent away. Interestingly, Lacarde acknowledges that Sting is, “a rather troublesome opponent,” but confirms he does have other attacks up his sleeve.

True to the title of the Chapter 511, “Hell of the Empty Stomach,” Lacarde launches attack he refers to as, “Soul of the forbidden meal.” As the name implies, the spell targets one of the most basic of human desires; hunger. After being hit with the spell, Sting begins to feel his stomach rumbling with ravenous hunger. While a shocked Yukino looks on, Lacarde notes that one cannot possibly, “endure this sensation of hunger.”

As Sting tries to move, he realizes the spell has paralyzed him. Taking advantage of the same, Lacarde flings his back-mounted weapon, striking Sting in the chest. Interestingly, the weapon and the spell don’t kill Sting. Instead, the spell distorts the victim’s vision, causing him to perceive people and creatures as food. As expected, Sting’s first victim is Lector. To Sting, Lector appears to be a big juicy piece of meat. Meanwhile, Yukino and Kagura appear to resemble pieces of candy and ice-cream. Incidentally, none of the others are aware of the transformation in Sting’s vision, and hence appear confused about the sudden change in his behavior towards them.

The weird magic causes Sting to drool all over Lector, and he even attempts to bite the poor creature. Interestingly, it seems the magic spell affects the one who is bitten by the first victim. Hence Lector too, sees Sting as a piece of meat, while Yukino starts nibbling on Kagura. Incidentally, even Frosch appears ravenously hungry, but refuses to eat. He explains, “Fro always eats with Rogue, so he’ll be patient.” This restraint coming from a small creature causes Lacarde to reflect.

Realizing the “Hunger Hell” spell will cause the Fairy Tail Guild members to devour each other, Stings hits his comrades in arms, causing them to fall to the ground unconscious. Apologizing for his attack, Sting explains it was the only way to prevent everyone from eating each other. When Lacarde questions Sting how the latter will satiate his hunger, Sting lunges at his enemy saying he will make Lacarde his, “main course.”

In the previous chapter, Lacarde displayed his exceptional skills as a warrior. Hence it isn’t difficult for him to dodge Sting’s attacks and offer a very strong blow in retaliation. Lacarde even mocks Sting stating he never heard of the Sabertooth Guild. While Sting reels from the powerful blow, Lacarde stabs him with his weapon and questions why the Sabetooth Guild’s member is interfering with his interaction with the Fairy Tail Guild.

A gravely wounded Sting, with Lacarde’s weapon deeply embedded in his chest, says he intervened not just for the Fairy Tail Guild, but also for Natsu. He reasons it was the Guild that made him see the “light above all else.” In the previous chapter, Zeref had appeared in Natsu’s heart and informed him that he would die soon, reported the Christian Times. Shockingly, Lacarde reveals he intends to kill Natsu.

Right when Lacarde is about to strike the final blow on Sting, Rogue appears. While Sting tries explaining he is completely exhausted, Rogue interjects and asks him to eat her. She urges Sting to eat her magic to gain strength. Sting tries reasoning with Rogue, but the latter doesn’t listen and offers up her magic as a meal, which Sting devours eagerly.

While Sting regains his strength, Lacarde prepares to attack with his final spell, which he explains, relies on one of the three primal desires. As Lacarde has previously attacked using the “Pleasure and Agony” spell as well as the “Hungry Hell” spell, he chooses to attack with the spell that activates the desire to slumber.

The current chapter ends with a powerful cliffhanger. Emboldened and reinvigorated with Rogue’s magic, it is Sting who challenges Lacarde for a fight. It appears Lacarde might use a spell that exploits another human desire, the desire for rest, to kill Sting.

Will Sting manage to save the Fairy Tail Guild members? Will Lacarde’s magic defeat Sting? The previous chapter didn’t reveal much about Natsu, and the connection between Ezra and Eileen either. Hopefully, Mashima will answer these perplexing questions in Chapter 512 of Fairy Tail.

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