Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Rule Ratings Week, But Sean Hannity Gets Closer

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly ruled another cable news week. When averaging nightly ratings on Showbuzz Daily this past week, Mr. O’Reilly averaged an amazing 4.19 million viewers a night, and Megyn Kelly didn’t do so bad herself with 3.46 million. However, Sean Hannity is also a part of the big picture as his nightly average rises up to 3.18 million.

Bill O’Reilly caused some controversy on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night by claiming President Obama’s policies have been non-inclusive.

“Six days after Donald Trump won the presidency, many on the left are still angry and depressed. Thousands are protesting in the streets believing they will soon be victims of oppression or something not good,” Mr. O’Reilly said, adding that hundreds of school kids in Los Angeles walked out of class to show their disdain for the election.

O’Reilly then talked about how many on the left believe that the philosophy of inclusion is endangered by Donald Trump, but he felt they were misguided.

Bill O’Reilly thinks Obama does not understand the true meaning of the word “inclusion.” [Image by Bloomberg/Getty Images]

“Apparently, the anti-Trump people think we’re basically harmonious and that will be dissolved because Trump was elected,” Bill continued, adding that the particular point of view is about as strange as Kanye West wanting to run for the White House.

Bill O’Reilly then stated what many who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton believe: more than 60 million Americans do not feel that President Obama included them on his left-wing vision. This includes allowing abortion without limits, Obamacare, and ignoring the drug epidemic.

O’Reilly also talked about Obama promoting sanctuary cities — this is something Megyn Kelly dealt with on The Kelly File Wednesday evening. She noted that Donald Trump has promised to cut funding for sanctuary cities that house illegal immigrants without ever asking them for their documentation status. He plans to do this on his first day of office.

Kelly introduced Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mayor Javier Gonzales, who talked about why he wasn’t going to cave into Donald Trump’s threats.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Mayor Javier Gonzales plans to disobey President Donald Trump. [Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

“If Donald Trump decides to defund the city, how are you going to get by that? You need that money, right?” Kelly asked.

“Well, first its a long time before that actually happens, and I think an important conversation that needs to happen in America today is how do we go forward and create a unified effort to address the broken immigration system at the federal level,” Gonzales answered, adding that he believes it’s wrong to penalize cities that have been welcoming and creating opportunities for immigrants.

When asked about illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes, Gonzales assured Megyn Kelly that in Santa Fe, they prioritize in going after people who commit these crimes, whether they are documented or not. Megyn Kelly told him that many argue that sanctuary cities have become a magnet for illegal immigrants who want to commit crimes, especially because they have a better chance at getting away with them.

The topic of illegal immigration has been a magnet for Sean Hannity’s show, which has gradually increased its ratings for the past six months. Business Insider talks about how Sean Hannity’s star has been back on the rise.

“Sean Hannity may have become the target for some critics in conservative media circles, but his ratings have rarely been better. According to October Nielsen Media Group ratings, the longtime Fox News host’s show ‘Hannity’ had the largest ratings boost of any Fox News show all month, jumping 65% in total viewers from the previous month.”

Although Sean Hannity has a long way to catch up to Bill O’Reilly, he has already topped Megyn Kelly’s ratings in certain demographics. Do you watch Fox News? If so, who is your favorite Fox personality — Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, or Megyn Kelly? Let us know in the comments section.

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