Karrueche Tran Claps Back At Fan Who Called Her A ‘H**’ On Instagram, Gets Dragged For Deleting Post On Twitter

Karrueche Tran is no stranger to responding to criticism on social media, so when fans attempted to drag the model on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend, Karrueche was swift in responding to the haters with her own set of fiery replies.

Tran, who recently spoke on a panel at the United Nations in honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19, garnered praise on Saturday after clapping back at a fan that sought to criticize her choice of outfit, while simultaneously referring to Karrueche as a “h**,” on the social media site.

In the exchange, as captured in a screengrab by The Shade Room, the fan can be seen commenting on another user’s post featuring a photo of Karrueche donning an Iron Maiden shirt alongside the message, “Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me.” In response to the user’s caption, the fan can be seen replying with the message, “That h** doesn’t know one Iron Maiden song,” thus prompting Karrueche to hit back with her own fiery message.


“@bbykrmn this h** will slap the s*** out you,” Karrueche wrote in response to the fan’s comment, ultimately prompting fans to gush over the humorous exchange on Instagram.


While Karrueche may have been successful in silencing one fan’s attempt to bash her on social media, the Claws actress was not met with the same praise from fans on Twitter after she posted and deleted a tweet that seemingly aimed to criticize those who “show [their] a**” in photos, ultimately leading fans to dig-up several throwback photos of Karrueche showing off her own backside on various social media sites.


The criticism began on Sunday after Karrueche took to Twitter to share a post that reads, “Can you take a picture without turning around to show your a**?”

While it’s not clear who Karrueche may have been attempting to diss in her post, if anyone, it didn’t take long for fans to clap back at the model for her insensitive post, with some fans even going so far as to dig-up old social media photos of Karrueche baring her backside for the camera.

“but,” one fan wrote in a reply to Karrueche’s Twitter post alongside one photo of the model showing off her rear-end in a camo-print bikini.

Similarly, another fan responded to Karrueche’s post with several additional photos of the model showing off her backside on Instagram, with one post showing Tran sunbathing in a black bikini and another post showing off her zipper tattoo on the back of her right thigh.

In addition, other fans began to weigh-in with their thoughts on Karrueche’s since-deleted Twitter post, with one fan taking to the social media site to slam the model for putting down other women who don’t share the same body type or build as the petite-framed model.


“If karrueche wants an a** then she can go and buy one. Hating on women that show their a** off only shows her insecurities,” the fan wrote on the social media site while another user added, “Karrueche f***** up when she tweeted that thing about girls not showing their butts in pictures.”

In response to the criticism, Karrueche later directly replied to a fan that requested that she “stop hating” on others “because [she] ain’t got one to show off,” prompting to Karrueche to respond with the message, “it’s a baby one.”


Similarly, Karrueche’s manager, Jacob York, aimed to defend his client amid the backlash on the social media site by noting that fans “missed the point” Karrueche was trying to make with her initial message.

“You missed the point thinking you made one,” Jacob York wrote in response to one fan who shared a photo of Karrueche showing off her backside at the beach before adding, “It’s about likes not love.”

What do you think of Karrueche Tran’s response to fan criticism on Instagram and Twitter?

[Featured Image by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images]