Commander-In-Tweet Trump Launches Another Twitter Tirade Against ‘SNL’, Baldwin Fires Back

On Sunday, President-elect Trump launched another Twitter attack against Saturday Night Live, but this time Alec Baldwin fired back, LA Times is reporting.

According to the Inquisitr, the 70-year-old politician had recently called for the Hamilton cast to apologize for “harassing” the VP-elect at a New York theater. In a tweet, he later deleted, Mr. Trump had called the Broadway musical “highly overrated.” Around 8:26 a.m., the “blue-collar billionaire” turned his focus on Saturday Night Live calling the show prejudiced and not funny.

Federal “equal time” is a rule that calls for political candidates to have the same amount of time allocated to them like their opponents when it comes to television appearances. However, the FCC rules only apply during political campaigns and not when politicians have been elected into office. The rule was used last November during the presidential primary campaign. Trump’s political foes, John Kasich and Mike Huckabee got 12 free minutes on NBC affiliate stations.

The 30 Rock star had portrayed the president-elect 21 hours on the latest episode of SNL, giving the impression that he was over his head with his presidential role. When Mr. Trump criticized the show, the 58-year-old wasted no time in firing back, reminding Trump that the elections were over and that he should focus on bettering the lives of the American people.

Baldwin also added that the president-elect should work hard to quell the fear his divisive campaign had caused. The tweets were sent from @ABFalecbaldwin, an official account for Baldwin’s charitable account. It was later retweeted from his own account.

This is not the first time that the Manhattan billionaire would be bashing SNL on Twitter. In October, he had called the funny show a “hit job” against his presidential candidacy, saying without any proof that it was part of a media conspiracy to rig the election in favor of his Democratic Party rival, Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party nominee at that time tweeted it was time “to retire the boring and unfunny show” and had also said Baldwin’s portrayal of him, “stinks.”

A Business Insider report revealed Trump aides had wrestled control of his Twitter account as the elections drew closer. His frequent tweets show that the 70-year-old has now regained control of his account ever since he emerged as the upcoming 45th president of the United States.

Baldwin, who was once married to Kim Basinger, revealed that he would not play the Trump role for long because he had distaste for the person he was playing. However, he returned for the first time after the election, portraying a president-in-waiting overwhelmed by his campaign promises and struggling to keep up.

In one SNL sketch, Baldwin playing Trump goes into panic mode when he Googles ISIS and gets 59 million results. A coal miner reminds him of his promise to revive the coal industry and he is shocked when he finds out the wall that will keep Mexican immigrants out of the United States would cost $25 billion. In a hilarious attempt to keep calm, Baldwin reminds himself, “It’ll be Ok…Hillary’s still ahead in the polls.”

When the president-elect is asked about his plan to kick out 11 million undocumented immigrants, he tells VP-elect Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett, to “scrap it. When asked about the 20 million people using Obamacare, the president-in-waiting says, “Let’s just keep it.” He suggests that he will also drop his promise of getting a special prosecutor that would go after Hillary Clinton, saying “Scrap it…she didn’t do anything.”

Baldwin has said he will continue to play Trump, but “not all that often” because of his work schedule and the lack of motivation from Trump, whom he does not particularly like. The 58-year-old garnered plenty of praise for his performance of the real Trump. His performances opposite Kate McKinnon, who played Hillary Clinton, ramped up SNL ratings.

Mr. Trump who has taken to bashing the funny show was singing a different tune when he hosted the show in 2015. In an uncanny opening statement, he had said he was hosting the show because he had nothing better to do, even though the rest of the world was waiting for him to be president.

“A lot of people are saying, Donald…you’re brilliant, you’re handsome…you’re rich…the world is waiting for you to be president so why are you hosting Saturday Night Live? And the answer is I have really nothing better to do.”

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