Jennifer Aniston: A Surprising Feminist Icon And Woman Of Substance

Jennifer Aniston has continued to hold the adoration of her fans around the globe over the past decade since the hit TV show Friends went off the air. Although Rachel, the bubbly and endearing character the world came to know and love, is no more, Aniston continues to impress on the daily by being a wonderful role model for young women and the voice of reason in a world so focused on material possessions, outward appearance, and objectifying women.

Although the films that Jen has starred in over the years have not earned her Oscars, the beauty remains relevant for some other reasons aside from her performances onscreen. It is an impossible task to uncover any recent interview given by the star that does not involve questions asking Aniston about her diet, health, fitness and beauty advice. For this reason, she has become the spokesperson for some beauty and health products such as Aveeno, Living Proof, and Smartwater.

Jennifer Aniston, although praised for her fitness and ageless complexion, on a more negative note, has been made the constant subject of rumors and front page tabloid tales for over a decade now. Her relationship and love life are constantly the main focus of the media, as well as her plans for a family. When the actress received rave reviews for her performance in Cake, the conversation surrounding the film was brief and instead opened the way for more questions being fired at Aniston over her relationship with Justin Theroux,-then not married- and more child queries. Forbes shares the negativity that is attached to a constant focus on topics such as these by the media.

” It propels a narrative that women who are unmarried and/or without children are unsuccessful and unhappy, and that women’s value is in their appearance- their work is a side note.”

As the publication notes, despite the fact that Aniston has not received praise for her work, in addition to constantly being the target of rumors and pity, the actress has emerged as a role model and has enjoyed a successful and strong career as well as a happy life.

“It takes a lot of inner strength and courage to endure everything she has, and still have a career that demands respect in Hollywood. Aniston has a lot to teach about coming out the other end of prejudice and underestimation a better, strong.”

It was this past summer that Jen finally decided to voice her opinions openly about the manner she and other female celebrities have been targeted over the years. Aniston’s essay that was penned within The Huffington Post was an attempt by the star to relay her frustrations with the world regarding how women are viewed and cut apart due to their surface appearance and their relationship as well as motherhood status. Aniston was vulnerable yet firm, turning the magnifying glass on the media that has harassed her for decades while ironically also keeping her relevant on the daily. Her words were heartfelt and highlighted the manner that a woman’s worth is measured by today’s standards.

“I really can’t tell myself that anymore because the reality is the stalking and objectification I’ve experienced first-hand, going on decades now, reflects the warped way we calculate a woman’s worth.”

In an interview with Marie Claire, Jen shared that she does not always have it all together and does not always know what direction to take, but reminds women that it’s okay.

“This is a time when I’m not completely sure what I’m doing. I’m at this sort of crossroads trying to figure out what inspires me deep in my core. What used to make me tick is not necessarily making me tick any- more … The most challenging thing right now is trying to find what it is that makes my heart sing.”

Jennifer Aniston has quickly become a role model to many and reminds that all women have worth and are of value regardless of love life, or maternal status.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]