'The Circle' After-Credits Scene: There Could Be An Important Spoiler Hidden At The Very End

Is there an after-credits scene in The Circle, one that could keep moviegoers in their seats just a little bit longer and potentially give a hint of another movie in the techno-thriller series?

The suspense movie, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, is being released on what is one of the last relatively quiet movie weekends until the fall. As the calendar turns to May, the first of the summer blockbusters start rolling out and will keep rolling until late August. So The Circle could have a bigger spotlight than if it came later on the schedule.

The big-name power of Hanks and Watson will also draw in plenty of moviegoers, and they'll likely want to know if there's a reason to stay beyond the credits. It's an increasing trend among movies to include a scene that plays after all the credits have ended, a way to reward moviegoers willing to sit through upward of 10 minutes of credits. These after-credits scenes usually wrap up a lingering plot line or add a final joke (in the case of comedies). For movies that are part of a series, they are often used to introduce a new plot line or character that will be picked up in the next installation.

So, is there an after-credits scene in The Circle? According to spoilers around the internet (which were hashed out in the YouTube channel Movie Endings Xplained), there is indeed a scene that plays after the movie has ended that actually could have some huge significance to the movie and potential follow-ups.

As the report noted, the scene could lead to a potential sequel for The Circle, though the details aren't exactly spelled out. The spoiler noted that it could be a teaser for an upcoming movie.

The movie, which highlights the perils of social media and the privacy it has stripped from its users, could draw in audiences from its relevance. The topic is a timely one, and Tom Hanks has talked it up in the publicity run leading up to the movie's release.

"I think that I have always been very suspect of any type of thing that you put on social media, because there used to be this adage, 'No good deed goes unpunished'? Well now the adage is, 'No post goes uncommented upon,' " Hanks told Entertainment Weekly. "And even if you're putting up a picture of a lost glove or a lost baby bootie somewhere in the comments section will be, 'How dare you not say anything about global hunger?!' "

Hanks, who has made a career of playing the lovable good guy in movies, has also hinted that his character in The Circle will have considerably more depth.

"I think that the biggest change in my life from making this movie with all these fabulous people is that when you see someone on stage in front of a great group of people being incredibly charming, do not trust that man!" he said at a recent press event. "He is lying to you somehow. He may talk about marvelous things about inclusion and togetherness and a bright, happy future somewhere down the line, but the secret that he's keeping from you people is, that he does not just want to dominate the competition – he wants to crush it."

The movie's star power, lack of strong competition, and relatively good reviews could mean there's a bigger than expected audience, at least in the opening weekend.

So those who head out to The Circle should make sure to remain in their seats for the after-credits scene and to keep an eye out for a potential sequel somewhere down the road.

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