New True Crime Series ‘Homicide For The Holidays’ Announced

The holidays may be a time of family strife, but for some, it can turn deadly. Oxygen announced a new true crime series Homicide for the Holidays that premieres on Dec. 3, 2016, at 10 pm. ET. There are four episodes scheduled and each shares the horrific account of a holiday that turned into a nightmare. The series features first-hand accounts from witnesses, survivors and those close to the crime stories. While many series and movies focus on heartwarming, holiday tales, Oxygen is taking things up a notch by unveiling the grisly and gruesome Homicide for the Holidays series.

You may see a sneak peek video of Homicide for the Holidays at the Oxygen website.


Homicide for the Holidays Episodes

“A Deadly Thanksgiving”

The four-part series begins on Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. with the episode “A Deadly Thanksgiving.” “A Deadly Thanksgiving” is described as a shooter goes on a rampage and attacks a family and multiple members during Thanksgiving dinner. The shooter killed four people and wounded others then sparked a manhunt as authorities tried to locate and apprehend the murderer.

“Christmas Carnage in Carnation”

“Christmas Carnage in Carnation” airs on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. and follows “A Deadly Thanksgiving.” It is the horrific account of the mass murder that took place in Carnation, Washington. Michele Kristen Anderson and her boyfriend Joseph Thomas McEnroe were tried and convicted of murdering six members of Michelle Anderson’s family, including two children.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Kill”

“Santa Claus is Coming to Kill” airs on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. ET and recounts the gruesome mass murder and arson of the Ortega family. The murders took place in Covina, California on Dec. 24, 2008, during a Christmas Eve party. The party-goers were having a wonderful time when the suspect walked into the room dressed like Santa Claus and carrying multiple handguns. The suspect also had handmade flame-thrower. Ultimately, eight people were murdered.

“A Christmas Morning Murder”

“A Christmas Morning Murder” airs on Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. and revisits a brutal case of double homicide that occurred while a couple slept in their bed on Christmas morning.


Many people are aware that the holidays can be a trying time, but they might not realize that the rate of domestic violence cases spikes during the holidays, according to Domestic Holidays can be a source of stress and dissatisfaction for many. People are bombarded with images of perfect families celebrating love, joy and goodwill and many people experience a different reality. For some, a lack of finances can cause discord and strife during the holidays. The holidays are also a time that can amplify the negative aspects of a home situation. There are many reasons that contribute to strife and turmoil during the holidays and it’s important that those who are in a dangerous situation recognize it as such and leave.


Though Homicide for the Holidays is a bit more macabre than standard, holiday television viewing, it is an important subject. People should be aware of the dangers that may occur during the holiday season and issues like divorce and separation shouldn’t be ignored. Those who are prone to outbursts, anger and violence may become worse and exhibit strange and disturbing behavior. If you find someone is behaving differently during the holidays, do not ignore the issue. All talk of violence, depression and suicide should be taken seriously. Holiday plans can be changed and if someone is making the holidays uncomfortable for others, there is no point in allowing the situation to escalate. Learn from the stories presented in Oxygen’s Homicide for the Holidays and regard them as cautionary tales.

Are you going to watch Homicide for the Holidays this December?

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